Monday, November 29, 2010

I have decided

Ok so I'm one of those people sometimes that go "Is it ok to post this? Is this the norm for this".. I been pondering on what I'm supposed to blog and not blog on a cdd blog.. Well I've decided I'm going to blog about what I want lol!!! 

My feelings my thoughts my kids!! It's really hard not to blog about my kids.. They are apart of my everyday life...I blog about my LT and I know that at any time thats ok..  See LT my friends from church, my kids, my parents, my blog , my cdd groups and one friend who calls me everyday  are all I really have anymore..

I was lost for about 2yrs.. I never physically left my house but mentally I wasn't here. I didn't want anything to do with God or what was right (I never denounced God I just wanted that known). I don't know call it a mental break down.. Yeah that sounds about right a mental break down..

After I came back to God and decided to live again I really didn't have a want for anyone or anything else. Yes I have siblings but well lets just say that in my time of need I have learned who is there. closely knitted family I thought I had lets just say someone forget to wash in gentle cycle and the knit fell apart!! lol... I will blog about that some day..

 I think the best thing for me and my family is that I stay closely knitted to LT and the kids..  I think that is something God has shown me because my family and friends are always what kept LT and I apart. He was always last and I don't want that anymore..

That's my rambling for the night LT wants to watch some tv now that the little blessings (goobers lol) are tucked in bed.. So I will have more tomorrow..


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