Wednesday, January 26, 2011


My fellow spanko blogger friend Stormy got me thinking.  I know it doesn't happen often lol

Anyway I never thought I really had walls but I did. I would say it was over 20ft tall. This is how it happened

Tyler actually had the walls when we first got married. I tried so hard to break it down. Here i was 18 married, had a baby I had everything I wanted but laying next to me was a brick wall and there was my love on the other side. I tried a chisel I tried a hammer. One day i thought about trying a bulldozer but I decided that was to much work so I just thought "Well he has walls I will put one up to." So i did as I'm building my wall quickly because I have to catch up with him he then started chiseling his away slowly.. Over the years he finally took his down but by that time mine was 20ft tall. He would try hammering it down and I would be like Whatever and put a few more bricks on. He had hurt me pushed me down enough..I was a stubborn, hot headed independent girl by this time he wasn't taking my wall down. Well over time I couldn't live on this side of my wall anymore and I decided that it was time for that bulldozer so I tore my wall down. Guess what His was back up but not that tall luckily and with the help of "tweed" its almost gone. I like this side of my wall. Its not so bad after all.

So my fellow spanko ladies and  gents tear down your walls or your spouses walls. Get that bulldozer out and say lets goo!! Its time to prance on this side of our walls put the walls to the world not between your spouse and enjoy life!!!


Friday, January 21, 2011

Wow!!! Was NOT ExpectingThis

"Daisy I need to talk to you a min. NOW!!" Tyler yelled down from our bedroom

Those words shuddered thrue me as I am on the phone with a friend. i quickly said goodbye and slowly walked upstairs.. I new i had done something but couldnt figure out what.  Tyler had just gotten home from school and I was being my natural Angel self lol!!! getting everyone dinner.. He had never called me up to the room. Normally discipline is saved more maintenance days.  HMMM  in the short 4 months i guess he's got this.

So i enter the bedroom as he closes and locks the door behind me. OO there it is the dreaded quiet implement the devil itself  "The BLIND ROD"  my stomache sank lower to the ground as i take a big gulp. "Daisy sit down" Tyler said as he points to the bed. As I sit down on the bed he picks up the blind rod. He asked me "How long is D supposed to go to the library to play on the computer for?" I quietly replied gulping "3 hrs." 

You have to understand what is going thrue my head. I've never been in a position where I wanted to beg him not to spank me. usually every thing is brought up in the open in maintenance and i really dont have a choice as I'm bare bottomed already.

Ok so back to the lecture "So Daisy what made you think it was ok for him to go back to the library? I made a rule of 3 hrs only." Tyler looks at me unpleased.   I said "Well I um thought he had a 5 hr break and I umm thought since he had a 5 hr break that it would be ok." 

" I made a rule and the rule was 3 hrs on the computer a day!!! NOT take a 5hr break. Is that understood?"

"Yes" OO My mind was going 90 miles an hour is he gonna spank me right here and not wait?

"Are you sure you understand 3 hours a day only??"

"Yes Sir"

"OK then this is your warning the next time we will not have this conversation. Instead I will be having a butt mind conversation. UNDERSTOOD!!!??"

""Yes Sir" 

"Ok were done here."

Phew, OK so when i let D go to the library, I sorta wondered if I would get a spanking for it. but I was more thinking of my SANITY!!!. the kids have been out of school for snow and well the FIGHTING!!!.. So had Tyler Spanked me yes It would have been warranted. but this is a new rule. Soo I now know 3hrs!!!

So anyway were just putting along well with TTWD!!! 

I will NOT be reading or giving Tyler anymore ideas THANK YOU !!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Alot of Learning going on here

Hey guys its been a bit since I posted... Yes theres been spankings to post about. but a couple of my friends and I are starting an online paid fictional story website. The free time i get on the computer I use it writing my stories.  Look for a blog on the website soon..

Anyway this ttwd has done alot of good for our lives.  I used to hate cooking and it never was time consuming. It was hamburger helper, Frozen Lasagna etc.  Now I have been making recipes and coming up with yummy things. I think its because I realize Tyler and my kids deserve more of my effort than making the same thing all the time.  Its funny because my kids like the stuff that takes longer to make and not so kid friendly food better than they like the kid friendly stuff.  Spaghetti, Pizza etc probably cus they have eaten more than there share of it..

I dont know if you remember my post where I wanted Tyler to hold me accountable for things that he needs to work on to. Well i presented it to him and he didnt really like the idea. Well apparently he got tired of the kids being late to school.  When i woke up late thursday morning VERY late he informed me we would be dealing with it later.. During the spanking he told me that We are NO LONGER going to be late!! I needed to get the kids to school on time and everytime I'm late to something I WILL be spanked well its been 2days lol but I havent been late.

I think I'm taking more pride in myself as well. I never really wore makeup or dressed nice just sweats and stuff. Well i been putting on makeup more. I want to start wearing skirts more. I want Tyler to be proud of being with me.  The thing I love to is the honesty that comes out of his mouth. When i ask the questions Am I  putting on weight? I get the TRUTH lol!!! Before it was always "thats a trick question."  When I ask him about my hair and if it bothers him that I just brush and go. I again get the truth!!!.. so here we are I been fixing my hair, putting on makeup, cooking dinner and working on not being late.

Tyler and I also had a conversation the other night. You see I have been on all kinds of boards since starting cdd I wanna learn about this lifestyle ya know!!! and well i'm a woman I gotta have someone to talk to.. Anyway I finally got Tyler on a board. Well I have shared with him a few times about the amount of spankings some woman get. The number of swats and how long they get spanked for. Warm ups etc. Well I really wanted him on groups to figure things out.  Well he says to me the other night " I wonder if I spank you long enough. These other men spank their wives to tears etc. What do you think?" I said "Well I think that some woman are mad and angry so they have to spank the anger out of them and get them back into submissive mode. I've yet to be mad and angry and I"m always submissive when it comes to getting a spanking. Also the one time that i was very stress and unsubmissive you did get me to that release even if i didnt cry."  I continued by telling him that I'm sure there will be a day that I'm not as submissive and dont deserve that i need a spanking and maybe he will have to get me to that point.  I ended it with praying about it and talking to other men. Really Its hard to tell your spanker that you need more spankings lol

I told him he got me to a crying point the other day and it wasnt the amount of spankings it was the lecture. "I"m very dissapointed that you were texting and driving. I have made sure I stopped texting and driving so that I can hold you accountable." he says to me as he's laying swats of that blind rod on my bottom.  You see I think this is the first time I've disapointed him. The other things I've gotten spanked for is mostly forgetting to do things or some pet peeve of his. So the tears were of remorse about the texting. Should i be remorseful that I didnt make that phone call he probably could've made but hates the phone. Or should I be remorseful because I left a cabinet drawer open?? I'm truly asking I dont know..

Well Anyway It seems I maybe in for alot longer harder spankings grrr lol no really i'm ok with it. If were gonna do it I want it to be right. I also know that I trust Tyler and he will do for us what is right..I know that he just wants us to grow together in God and with eachother so whatever he decides I know its for the best.

Hes so  great because he comes up with things on his own and they are so cute.. The other day was maintenance. The kids werent home so he could use his hand instead of the quieter implements like the LJ and Blind ROD!!! . Well maintenance is pretty relaxed if I have been a good girl :)  Well on friday I'm stepping into the shower and he's stepping out. He starts swatting my bottom on the left side. I get 10 swats for maintenance when I've been good. He's laying down the swats and they are getting harder and well my right side is getting lonely.  I normally dont count the swats well I was today.. IN the middle of it I said "Hey my right side is getting lonely." He just keeps smacking away on the left side UGH!!! Well we get to 10 he continues I say "Hey thats 10" Lol He stops at 15. He said "Thats for saying the right side was lonely!!!" and laughs. I so wanted to say "Yes and it still is." But i figured I would end up with 15 more on the left side so it would be pretty pointless.  He always wants to leave it that I KNOW he's in control.

So mostly that sums it up. I'm still here. I'm still reading and I'm very actively doing ttwd and Loving it or well loving Tyler anyway lol!!!  If i could post from my phone I would post more but for some reason it wont let me grrr!!! so for now i will post when I can and I will let everyone know when the site is up and running.

Hope All my spanko guys and gals are doing well!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Putting Humpty Dumpty back together again

 First I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year and more to come!!

My submission comes more naturally than I thought. I usually don't talk disrespectful (ok occasionally I interrupt and butt in when he's talking to the kids but if asked to do something or he is lecturing I listen.)  Now I keep a pretty descent house (As descent as one can be with 3 lazy kiddos!!) if it gets a clutter my mind gets a clutter when my mind gets a clutter well my mouth gets a clutter and I crumble.  Its like humpty dumpty slowly falling off the brick wall into a million pieces.. Fortunately for me I have Tyler to put the pieces back together again.

So somewhere between Christmas and New Years my upstairs became a mess.  Ok well the logical thing would be to clean it right? Right.. Ok that sounds good but here comes the Falling off a brick wall part. When I look around I don't know where  to start.  so I start in one room and think Ok theres clutter so lets make more and declutter the closets and the bookshelves.. But wait theres another room thats a clutter lets go see how much more we can clutter that!!! OOO heres where humpty starts to fall. I had 2 cluttered rooms that i didnt know what to do with so I decide to rearrange the rooms, declutter the closets and OOO MY what have we done!!!

This is a good time to set on the floor in my room for 2 hours and to see what my online spanko friends are up to  and read some spanko stories on Lulu and well its time for bed with nothing done. Well things keep piling and   Tyler sees I'm falling slowly  and he tries to stay clear. He decides  come in and help pull Humpty dumpty  back up  . Really I dont need any suggestions I got this!!! He starts to tell me how I should do one room and get it done and move to the next. Of course I dont let him finish I butt in with  my rebuttle it is " Well the kids room is a disaster and it has to be cleaned I cant have it not clean." Tyler  Says "Ok  well I want OUR room clean TONIGHT since you dont want to listen figure it out!!!". I try to reply with But " I do want to listen I'm sorry your right." Well the warning face comes up and he walks out of the room.

SO i continue to try sorting thrue this disaster. Christmas just has me all out of wack then this upstairs well Tyler knows I'm over do for a spanking I know I'm over do for a spanking but kids have been home from school and the over do spanking needs to be good so there just hasnt been time. Well anyway back to humpty and the great wall. So I start working on our room then decide its back to the kids room and figuring out this disaster. Then the kids start driving me crazy and I start to yell at them. Tyler heaves up some warning signals that I put in my head and shove them somewhere between " What did he say and O this mess is driving me crazy." So anyway.  The room doesn't get done when Tyler says and everything is a big mess. He tells me the next day it didn't get done but i also threw that to the side.

Well I was trying to talk to Tyler for 2 days about something and i kept getting "I'm not in the mood." So when i was texting him and he told me he wasn't in the mood to talk about it i said "fine I'll leave you alone." Apparently he got another text from me that came in after i said I'd leave him alone but it was out of order so i got "I thought you were leaving me alone about this?" I was like "What I am." O he was soo adamant  that I leave him alone and I did.

Tyler likes me to tell him what I'm doing after work etc. Well today I decided that he wanted me to leave him alone fine. we normally text while i'm at work but i didnt text him all day and i didnt tell him where i was going. I dont know if I was bratting some or just frustration had caught over I had fallen apart and He wasn't putting me back together on my time.  SO anyway I decided i was going to go shopping and i didn't care if i told him what i was doing or not. I also on my little outing bought the kids games for the Wii and xbox. He new i was buying them but he also thought I would by cheaper ones I suppose I don't know. My brain was gone humpty had fallen into a million pieces

So i get home things are settled we have a discussion Tyler says "thanks for telling me where you were going". "You think its ok to just do what you want? It was a short discussion I listened. I was just glad that he was in a better mood. All is going well until he saw the price of the games!!!

So anyway to wrap up little humpty.  We are laying in bed and Tyler says you know you have 10 swats coming for everything you've done right? I said "Do you remember everything I did?" "NO, but you will help me" He says sorta chuckling. "I dont remember a darn thing I'm an angel" We laughed and he ends it with "Well theres 10 more for not complying."  I suppose whats 10 more when you got a million coming right?

So finally New Years Eve Tyler put Humpty back together again. HE brought home all the pieces and put them in tact for the New Year so my mind isn't broken and I know exactly what I'm to do now. I told him I was sorry and I even asked for a few more swats in the end. I really dont know what was going on with me those last few days. I think i was falling off the wall for a while now. But on a good note  The rooms are clean the kids are happy Tyler is happy and I'm happy.  THe problem is my bottom isnt happy but I guess we cant all be happy now can we!!! lol... A friends Fiance  reminded me that whatever your doing on New Years Eve is what you will be doing all year!! So i guess I will be wearing a sore bottom for the year to come!!!

I suppose i should've asked for a cushioned toilet seat for Christmas.. ITs not very comfy sitting on a hard seat with a sore Toosh!!!

Happy New year!!!