Thursday, November 25, 2010

Is this the way?

No, you are crazy. He's gonna think your weird and childish.  O maybe I am crazy.  You need to be strong. Somehow some way though  I need to show him that I surrender and I will finally after 14yrs let him lead this family.  Ok ok I'm just gonna tell him see what he says.  I'm just gonna tell him I need a SPANKING!!! I'm gonna tell him I need to be held accountable for my actions.  Maybe if we had done this years ago then we wouldn't be where we are in our marriage.  Maybe I wouldn't have torn the house down in a day!!! Well more like 2years but I think it only took a day.

   My dh (LT) and I have been married 14yrs.  We have 2 boys 14,11.. 1 girl 7..  

We had come to a point in our lives that we couldn't take anymore... The D word was looking very promising but this time after 14yrs it wasn't me wanting it it was LT... He couldn't take anymore he was tired of me being the head and him the Heal... I finally realized what I had done to him our whole marriage... For almost a month I had been submissive to him and showing him that I didn't want control anymore..

One day I was driving home and I had thought. "Daisy you just need a spanking".. So I told dh that I felt that I needed a spanking for my actions...I thought that this would be a good way for him to regain control as HOH... He agreed and didn't think I was silly... 

Then I started looking on the net and found that I wasn't crazy or alone lol... I stumbled across CDD (Christian Domestic Discipline).... LT and I both searched and prayed about starting a CDD lifestyle..  We wanted to make sure that this lifestyle we wanted to enter is something that would look good in God's eyes and not worldly... The last thing our marriage needed was some more worldly crap in it!!!

So after praying and searching and agreeing thus began our CDD lifestyle... Thus began the beginning of many times of me standing in front of my dh bare bottomed waiting to feel the sting of whatever implement he had picked...

Also this was the beginning of harmony in our home!!! No more screaming fights, no more making our kids cry, no more scarring hurtful words... I love this man and never thought I could... My kids don't fight like they did.  We are not all so angry at each other and the world..

Don't get me wrong my kids fight, they annoy me... LT and I irritate each other sometimes but we are learning (well I'm learning lol) to keep our cool... We have talked more in 2 months then we have in 14yrs!!!..

So hope you will journey on with me as we journey into this beautiful harmonizing world of CDD!!!

God Bless  My spanko friends



  1. Daisy:
    Welcome to the blogging community. You are sure to find friends and support as you embark on your new journey. I look forward to hearing about your adventures. Oh...

    and Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Welcome, Daisy Christian!

    Glad to see you here. I know you will find encouragement here as this has become my "other" family. I look forward to reading more.


  3. Thanks guys!!! Hey do either of you know how to fix my page?? I dont know what I did to it.. You have to scroll all the way down grrr!!!... O an what website can you get descent spanking pics or such from?