Friday, June 28, 2013

My Promised Post

Ok so I have been wanting to blog for 2 days and I really want to but I feel as if I never have enough energy.  Its crazy that it takes all my energy in a day to get things done at work and it seems I push  myself so hard to keep going at work that I have no energy for anything else and I'm not sure why.. Anyway I will give a short update since I promised a post yesterday.

Well the last time I posted I gave everyone an update on my life and what had gone on last year.. its been a year almost since every thing good bad and ugly happened. I talked about a break down that I had well in January I had another one I went like 2 months where I just cried for no reason that finally went away.

Poor Tyler I think he spent a year wondering if he was coming or going lol.. I think he probably felt like this 

I know I wasn't going at all.  He did good though. He gave me what I needed when I needed it.. I think he often under estimates and second guesses his ability to be HOH. I think hes getting better about not second guessing himself but its all a working progress.

I never really left the blogging community I still have been reading a lot. Thank goodness for my smart phone!! I never have time to hardly get on the computer.  I feel like there is so much to do and not enough time or energy in the day.

Anyway so sad to see that others feel pushed out by those who have too much time on their hands (boy I wish I had their time I'd get more done) anyway I wont touch more on that because its done its gone and moving on.. Hugs to everyone though.

I've talked in the past about  the fictional website that I have with 2 other ladies. Well its not a pay site at this time and it is up and running so go check it out.
the blog attached to it is . you can read excerpts from stories there.

Anyway Tyler and I are still trucking along at TTWD. He is very dominant just not really a spanko lol.. He does spank but he has discovered that corner time is effective and that I find it horrid much worse than a spanking!!!.  Anyway he does do that.  We have found that he has no problem finding his dominance in sex. So I suppose you could say we just explore anything and everything lol.. I'm up for anything because when he looses his dominance I loose my mind!! when mama looses her site it is NOT PRETTY!!! Lol

Well my goal is to start writing and blogging more so stay tuned I shall be back.

Hugs and loves to you all and thanks for the warm welcome back!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hey dont forget me!!

Lol Ok I'm back. I will post more soon and explain a lot of things but for right now I want to just post this lol.. I  promise I will post a nice long update tomorrow that you wont want to finish reading lol..

I want to say I been lurking for the last few months and now everyone is going private and I don't know e-mail address and I don't know if my e-mail address is or gmail .com

I am going to assume its anyway if stormy and angel brat could add me that would be fantastic and anyone else that's going private.. if you guys have their e-mail could you let them know i'm out here knocking to get in lol!!!

if you want to e-mail me though use I don't know it all confuses me because I converted my yahoo e-mail to my gmail and well i'm not all that computer literate lol well i'm more internet illiterate than computer illiterate.. anyway that's my story and please answer the door lol I miss reading about you guys..

I'm sorry that this is all going on.. This situation is partly why I came out of lurking.. I couldn't decide if I wanted to come out or not and then I decided to come out with my fighting gloves on lol!!

hugs and loves to you all!!