Saturday, November 27, 2010

The expectation of waiting... Hmmm Which implement?

I said "Honey I'm going to bed now are you coming?" (that's lingo for I'm ready for you to rosey my bottom now so I can sleep) lol.. LT answers me with "Yeah darlin I'll be up in a min"..  (That's lingo for yes darlin but go ahead and read, text, talk on the phone.. Get comfy in the bed, anticipate your spanking that you have already been waiting for all day and I'll be up in an hour).. Lol...

Friday is a maintenance day.... I also had a discipline spanking coming for not writing down what I spent (Sorry spanko girls I know this gives your HOH ideas).. Also for smoking to many packs of cigarettes..

 Since were new at this I never really know what to expect.. We have yet to get to the long 30 min + or 100 swat spankings.. I'm anticipating that day coming.. I never underestimate LT...

Well I lay in bed (reading blogs of course) wondering which implement he is going to use.. Normally with kids being home I know to expect the loopy but again I never underestimate LT...  We did only have one kid at home and she was sleeping kinda.... I'm just hoping its not the paddle or the loopy lol...

LT text me and said "you know I love you right?"  ( you will find that even sitting next to each other we will text each other, Yes we talk alot in person but we very often have little nosey ears around us and sometimes its easier to open up with a text).. I said " I know I love you too. Are you coming up?"  He says "Yes sorry i got interested in this show its almost over." I said "Ok I'm going to sleep lol"... He says "Just a few more min"..

About an hour or so later (Not really sure how long because I was lost in Blogger Land).. He comes up... He grabs the backscratcher..I thought to myself  "O darn we haven't used that in a while I forgot ALL about that!!! Yeah not that one either...." He had already read my journal so he new what he was dealing out....I'm still laying in bed (Of course I don't move till he says too I'm not a about to just jump rite up and say here I am, No rule has ever been made that when he comes in the room that I have to get up so until then I will stagger)....He says "Are you ready to get up and get this over with?"   Of course I say "No" with a giggle... He grins a little and says "Ok well get up and lets get this over with.."" OOO theres my cue... So as a good submissive wife I am I stand up and assume position.. (Position is stand in front of the hope chest and wait for him to pull down my pants...)

He says "The firts 10 are for maintenance.." I swear there was more than 10 lol.. Then he says "This is for not writing down what you spend..You have GOT to write down what you spend money on and this is for smoking to many packs of cigarettes."  I swear these days after 2 swats during discipline I can Not keep from squirming or tensing up and I hear tensing up makes it worse... He then Says "Ok its all over".. 

So i then walk over to the bed and assume my position there with my face in the pillow.. The embarrassment and awkwardness afterwards sucks.. I wonder does the awkwardness before and after a spanking go away?

Anyway I eventually get under the covers.. LT kisses my forehead and says give me a sec as he gets ready for bed..

This man just spanked my bare bottom and all I want is for him to hold me and fall asleep in his arms. That seems so weird and I don't think anyone would understand it (my spanko friends do)... The funny thing is in the past after just yelling at each other I would have rather he slept on the But since he didn't yell  he just spanked my bare bottom I want I want him to hold me..How Bizarre.. That is soo weird and not Normal  lol... I like weird.. Weird  is good weird is better than Normal I will say that...


  1. Anticipation keeps you on pins and needles; enhances the experience; and leads to deep intimacy when it's all over.

    Nice post!

  2. Yes it does but I also believe that knowing and seeing us squirm in anticipation gives you HOH's a little smile even if you don't admit it lol.

  3. Weird is better than normal. LOL It is a bit bizarre that we can find our husbands so loving and sexy after they give us a spanking. When he uses harsh words instead of spanking, I feel wounded, despised, and alone; and I don't want to be anywhere near him. After a spanking, I want to hug and cuddle. Guess if I'm as weird as you, I'm in good company!

  4. alexandra; wow that is exactly how I feel after harsh words.. You put my feelings into words and perhaps my biggest reason for ttwd. Thanks!

    IT's good for us though isn't it guidemegently? it sure makes us feel close to our husbands and loved too. Thank goodness for them!

  5. Yes it is good for us.. I know I thank God every day for bringing me LT.. Thats so funny because I always tried to find ways to get away from him..