Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Our 15th Wedding Anniversary

So 15yrs ago today a little 17yr old girl walked down the aisle and said her I do's with no idea where that was gonna take her..

We quickly jumped into our own home and a baby all with in 6months!!! 2yrs later we packed up and moved 800 miles away from what we will always call home. a yr later we welcomed another bouncy baby boy and we kept on trucking 4yrs after that our princess came along.. We then made another move from the City to the country that was fun.. Then after 13yrs when the kids were getting older and the world seemed to stop spinning we realized we didnt know eachother and I wasnt certain that I loved this man..  For 2yrs he fought for me to stay, i fought for him to stay, then I gave up and he never did... I then was running a muck and Life slapped me in the face and I new I needed spanked... So thus we started TTWD

I struggled with knowing for years if I truly loved Tyler or not. I had the excuse I was so young how did I know what love was..  Well let me tell you after we got things right and I found my place I do love him. I always have loved him and always will...

Not many young couples can say we have never had to live with anyone, sure we have had help with money from time to time but we dont owe anyone any money its all paid off.. (Well when i say that I dont mean the doctors lol.. O we still owe them and I'm sure always will rofl!!!) We have struggled and had good times.. I wouldn't  change a thing well maybe a few and I would start with myself..  I'm sure if we started over Tyler would be putting me OTK on our honeymoon and let me know who rules the roost!!! "Who DA BOSS!!" ya know all that!!

Anyway you say "Would I do it all over again?"  You bet your bottom I would!! Hehe    I could never ever find a man so inlove with his wife and kids like I have found.. We are all he has and wants and thats the way I want it..

But instead of thinking of today as our 15th wedding anniversary I would like to think of today as our 6months wedding anniversary  doing it right ....  So on this wedding night I'm sure that Tyler will be putting me OTK and letting me know "WHO'S DA BOSS"!!!

Heres to 15 more plus 15 plus 15 more and well you get it!!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Split personality defeated

Ok I'm not sure who was in my body or at my house last week but I'm almost positive it wasn't me!!! I'm convinced I have a split personality OO wait I do its my Evil twin.!!!

So last week was probably our worse week ever.. It started probably Sunday and it really didn't stop till Thursday... Well i new going into last week i needed a reminder because I could feel me falling. I know hubby could too and It was Spring Break.. But I don't have to get my butt beat twice to know I don't top from the bottom or tell my hubby when to spank me..

Well somewhere between stop and go and HOLY CRAP all hell broke loose!!!

So the younger 2 kids are gone and our oldest is out playing basketball. We rolled out of bed around 10 and from the moment I got up I was mad, hurt and upset about the argument the night before...

Now normally when I'm to be spanked i'm very compliant as I'm usually naturally submissive (Hubby says so too).. Not today.

I went into talk to Tyler about some issues the same issues we were talking about the night before.. Yes you guessed it men he was done talking but woman I know you know I wasn't !!!

So i'm talking and he gets annoyed and I keep talking then he gets even more annoyed and you guessed by the time i was done talking we were both mad. I marched right thrue the warnings and the looks and the louder warnings and the meaner looks.. I marched right into the troops. When i was done talking I sat my smart mouth down in the chair after throwing out a word (a word that I honestly cannot remember).. I sat my happy but down at the computer and had the final word or did I??

Next thing I know here comes Tyler grabbing my arm yanking me out of the chair.

Tyler  "Come On now I'm done"

Me "No we cant your mad"

At this point hes dragging me up the stairs

Me "ok ok were both mad just stop."

Tyler wasn't saying a word he puts me in front of the bed where I normally take down my own pants and panties.. I wasn't today and I think he new that because before I could decide If i wanted to take them down myself or not they came down in a hurry. With a light tap I was bent over.

Tyler "Is this what you wanted?" As he lay into me with the backscratcher in which I couldn't feel a thing.

I turned and looked at him just moving my body not standing up. "No I'm mad at you"

Tyler "get in position" As he pulls me back and continues to smack

Me "No i'm hurt you hurt me and your not listening"

Tyler "I was listening you were not and you still aren't" As he picks up the pace.

Finally i realize my defeat and start laying there and realizing "O crap this hurts"

We didn't have much time so when he saw the shift in my body that i at least started relaxing he was done.

He walked in the bathroom and I stood up and walked downstairs.. Normally i lay there but I think I was embarrassed, Ashamed, still some hurt and mad.  He then comes down telling me everything I needed to do and I listened.

It took a couple days for my evil twin to pack up and move on.. My raging hormones kicked in somewhere and they were off like a vengeance.. But all is well for now until the next time!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Texting and Driving and Topping from the Bottom

Tyler made a rule 3 months ago no texting and driving and I'm to confess if I do.. Well I have only had to tell on myself 2x.. The first time I told on myself wasn't so bad but the second time I new I was in for it..

Well I don't normally get long spankings but I new this one had to be firm enough to hold my attention for a while other wise I would continue to text and drive and continue to have to tell on myself grrr.. Well I don't want to go into details but accidently i went to lengths to top from the bottom. I have worked very hard to NOT top from the bottom.. I say accident because I really didn't mean it and i didn't realize I was going to lengths until the lesson was learned!!!

Well let me just tell you when Tyler found out I was trying to top from the bottom it was not pretty.  Lets just say that I got a BIG Lesson with the belt that I'm to NEVER try topping from the bottom accident or NOT!!!  I also got a BIG lesson on NO texting and driving!!!  So a LONG lengthy lesson with the belt is still in my head even after 2 weeks!!! YIKES!!!

Lesson Learned and NO i have NOT text and drove!!! :)

What writing those lines did for me

Sorry its been crazy around here. I been sick for 2 months and I cant shake it!!!  So before I post any disciplines I want to let you guys know how writing the lines went.

Well so Tyler tells me I have 2 days to write the lines.. Well to me that means write them any time  here and there as long as their done on time!!!  WRONG!!! That meant pick a time no tv, no internet, no texting and sit down and write 250 lines!!! 

Ok so i did this. I thought it was gonna be annoying and just irritate me but it wasn't.  As i was writing the lines i sort of wanted to cry because the lesson was getting to me. Really when i was done it worked just as good as most spankings... I felt the same relief and stayed out of trouble.. It was also very humbling that I did what he told me to do without spanking me and I was happy to tell him when they were done :)

I don't recommend writing lines often but occasionally i think it works fine.

now I've had to write lines again but that was with a spanking too.. I will blog about that soon..