Thursday, November 25, 2010

ThanksGiving Day with Family

So we went to my sisters today ...My oldest sister has 3 grown married boys.. One of the boys was arguing with his wife.. As I set there and watched my nephew and his wife argued... the total disrespect she had for him really got to me... First I was thinking O she is gonna be in BIG trouble!!! lol (No wait that's just me) lol...  Then I remembered NO she wears the pants in the family!!!

I just sat and smiled because the same argument they were having and the same additude she had towards him I would have had not 2 months ago..  See their 2.5yr old pooped in his undies.. Well we all know how nasty that is to clean up..  She tells him to take care of it and he tells her no.. Well she proceeds by saying "O i forgot YOU DON'T DO ANYTHING"... O yes That would have been my answer tooo lol..

Then I sat there and thought O that wouldn't be my answer now.. Respectfully I would have asked if he would do it and if he said no..Then I would have whined a little hoping he would feel sorry for me (knowing he wouldn't feel sorry for me lol) but then I would have done it!!! Thank God for the humbling peace of wanting to be a submissive wife and knowing the consequences of my rude and disrespectful behaviour..

I feel sad alot of times and maybe a little guilty because I want to share the CDD lifestyle with my family.. I know they could really use the peace in their family.. I really cant share it at least not now.. I do NOT want to hear anything they have to say about it.. Their negativity really gets me down..

Anyway I hope that more and more young couples will grab a hold of this cdd lifestyle and the wives will be submissive...

Anyway I hope you all had a wonderful Day!!!

Hope my Spanko Girls stayed out of trouble... So far so Good for me!!! :)


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