Monday, May 9, 2011

Reading other blogs

Sorry I'm being a blog hog. I go forever and dont blog and now I blog twice in one day..

I like to read blogs i dont always reply because my phone has issues. But when I read blogs it makes me see that I'm not the only one who has these thoughts. I was reading a blog the other day and the writer wrote that she wished her husband would come in and tell her to get over his knee now she was getting a spanking.  Wow I wish that too.  SOmetimes I wish my hubby spanked me more when I was needed it instead of letting things go. Inconsistancy KILLSS MEE!!!  I try really hard to not worry about if or when he's going to spank. I try not to get upset when he doesnt.

The funny thing is when I think a spanking is coming i really want to talk him out of it and dont want it.  THen when i dont get this same spanking I just wanted to talk him out of  its annoying.. WOW that sounds just as crazy written down lol..  I know its only been 7 months. but grrrr.. You know if he was very consistant and spanking me every time I turned around I'm sure I'd be complaining about that lol.. 

WOMAN!!! We are NEVER happy  rofl

They are Vanilla Or Are they?

"O I'm in soo much trouble when I get home. Did you see the look my husband gave me?"

This is what my sons coaches wife said to me Saturday.

I've never shared my lifestyle with her nor have I EVER shown her any signs that I might or could be in dd. We were setting at the game Saturday and she was being annoying to her husband and 3x she said this to me.. I quickly texted a dd friend.. IS she vanilla or not??   If she said it one more time I was gonna make a joke about her getting spanked to see the look on her face.. 

I shared this on another dd board and someone suggested maybe she was trying to feel me out?  Maybe but Idk Y this is the first time I have spent more than 5 min with her since i have been in dd so Ik i have given her NO indications..   Someone suggested maybe its wishful thinking that he would do something about her behaviour.  They said if she was in a dd relationship she wouldnt blurt things out like that because she would be embarressed.. But who knows shes very outspoken. 

Dont worry i will be feeling her out. Its a long summer and bleachers are not good on a sore bum so I can tell and i will play close attention..

So does anyone have any thoughts. DO you think they are DD? Hmmm

Friday, May 6, 2011

Where have I been?

Where have I been?  Well lets see.. I have been over the chair, over the couch, over the bed, I guess the only place I wasn't is Over his knee. I suppose that's to come!!! So obviously there have been spankings.

Well but we have also spent time learning some things.. I really have learned alot.. I had problems with topping from the bottom i suppose. It wasn't on purpose but I felt that he let to much stuff go. Then once I realized that everything isn't a spankable offense and I needed to trust him.. Once I realized it isn't my way but his and trust him then its going alot smoother. I think now we have finally hit a spot where we have had a great learning curve.. However I know that there are lot more learning curves to go.. This one learning curve just gave us a few more feet..

So anyway that's where we are in this thing we do..

        There is still peace in the Tyler and  Daisy household... We just keep on cherishing and learning each other!!