Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm His Queen!!! HUH??

Ok so the other night LT and I are laying in bed and he just says " You are my Queen"..  I'm your what?  See anytime I've ever been called a Queen by him is when he used to say I was Queen Biotch!! but not in a nice way!!...

Anyway every since he called me his Queen I can't stop thinking about it.. Maybe for some of you its not that big of a deal but you have to know that LT and I haven't really had nice things to say to each other for a VERY VERY long time..  I know that I have caused him alot of pain and one of the goals when I become a submissive wife even before CDD relationship was to give him the good Godly wife he deserved.. Well i think I'm succeeding.. I want him to be proud of who I am and forget who I was!!! I think its working..

The Queen

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