Friday, November 26, 2010

The Important roll of the HOH

We spend so much time talking about the overwelming responsibilities of day to day lives that women have!!!! We sit and whine to our friends how our dh's never help and dont do anything!!!.. OO stop with the whining.. The bottom line is we are big babies and we need them....

Yes us women play a very important Roll in the family Yes they need us too.. So we pay the bills, give the kids baths, clean house and go to work.. I dont know what goes on in your house but I'm constantly turning around saying "go ask dad, Have dad fix it, Honey can you,".. I see from the time LT walks in the house till the time he tells our kids to go to bed Everyone including me is talking his ear off.. Also we are constantly "Dad, Honey Will you, Can you".. Give the man a BREAK already!!

While we are worrying about what he doesnt do and all that we have to do he is busy making sure the kids do what they are supposed to do and making sure that I'm doing what I'm supposed to do.. During all this he has to work hard at keeping composure, making sure he does the things that he expects me to do.. I try and make sure to tell him that hes doing things right instead of jsut telling him when he's doing things wrong!!

Besides all this he has to worry about bills getting paid...

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