Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Just feeling Bla

I'm sorry i havent been writing once a week like i said I would. I have been working alot and with the kids in sports now. When I have any free time I want to write but just cant pull myself to.  I actually started a post about my last spanking and punishment i just couldnt finish it and days turned into weeks now its been maybe a month.

I had lines to write but didnt get them done. I new I wouldnt get them done. I told Tyler I wouldnt get them done NO TIME!!! Well when the deadline was close and they werent done he said "Make sure they are done tomorrow.

I thought this meant i had one extra day.. Nope he meant that i was getting spanked and they needed done. He's given me lines before but i've always got them done. I had other things i needed to get done and he agreed that stuff had to be done too but he also said a punishment is a punishment. Ok fine. I wasnt mad or anything. I really needed a spanking because there were other things attitude etc.

I dont know whats wrong lately. I was dealing with depression for months but now I dont feel depressed I just dont know what I feel.