Friday, November 26, 2010

How does the blogging world work?

Some if not all of you I'm sure will be laughing at me lol!!  I'm not sure how this blogging thing works. I don't know if everyone is using real names or not..

From the comments I feel as if I'm in the process of making some great friends and I feel very welcome.  With that being said (this is where the laughs come in lol)  Something is eating at me.. I feel deceitful because I'm not using my real name!!!  (Ok I'm sure some may have figured that out.) I did however use my dhs initials. ( i almost used his middle name but it felt like I was cheating seeing another name up there) lol!!

So anyway we have lots of  RLF who live in blogger land and we are not ready to explain our lifestyle just yet, even though I really want to.. For the purpose of saving other marriages...

So if you want to know my real name and my dh's feel free to E-mail me
O i feel so much better now!!!  O this darn CDD lifestyle and the overwhelming love I have for God and to live a good life can sometimes be OVER powering!!!

P.S. I had to edit because I put my E-mail adress up which had my name and b-day on it!! O call me a blonde.. I'm sure someday I will slip but O well LOL



  1. Oh my goodness you are hilarious! Your husband must be laughing all the time - or spanking all the time - one or the other (or both) ;)

    At any rate about the names, I would probably stick with aliases for now. I tends to allow one to be more open in honest in their posts. No need to share your real name with people you really don't know yet anyway in my opinion.

  2. lol B...yes my hubbie laughs a lot well mostly a shake of his head and a grin followed by a would think that the humor that i give him daily with my deep rooted blondness i could get out of spankings....i mean after all i am free comedy entertainment!!!

  3. We just started blogging a few days ago and we decided to use aliases for now. B'Man is right, anonymity encourages honesty. We don't want to spook our church friends just yet :-)