Monday, November 29, 2010

The only way its done right is my way!! O Help ME

Ok So as i posted Friday night my daughter had the tummy flue. Well I get the tummy flue every 3-4yrs so Yup you guessed it it was time.. Saturday night at 2am as I woke up to a prank caller (O now I know how annoying we were as teens sifting thrue the white pages for a good number to prank anyway) who didn't say anything he only breathed, I think he could've at least asked if my fridge was running or something.. lol... Well  I new it was coming. I layed in bed all day Sunday.. I asked LT if he would get up with the kids Monday.. Ok heres where it goes.

LT wakes me up at 7am  this morning "Hey what time do the kids need to be up?"  I say "they need to be up by 7:20 D needs to be at school by 8 and K after that".. Then my friend calls and its 7:45  K walks in not dressed ad I said "Has D eaten?" (stupid question) D is still laying in bed of course.. I try and lay back down to stay out of it.. For one I just wanted to let him do it his way and for 2 i new I would get myself in trouble with my wonderful mouth.. Well 7:55 I see LT is in the bathroom.. I said " you need to go D is gonna have a detention for being late." LT says "Well I been waking him up."  I say " you have to get him up while hes getting dressed get his breakfast".. Anyway They finally get out of the house at 8:05...

I wake up to a text saying " you were pretty mean to us this morning you can do it yourself in the morning".. Ok I would rather do it myself.. Had he woke up at 7:30 and they were late ok fine but 7:00 was plenty of time to get them there on time..

I didnt think I was mean or said anything in a mean way.. O I can't be perfect all the time. I know I know I should've just laid in bed!!!


  1. Oh, Daisy...
    You are Mommy! The Great and Powerful! Of course no one can do it as well as you can. But if you've got the stomach flu, you've just got to relax and relinquish control to those who don't know what they're doing. So breakfast is rushed through, and D gets detention... not the end of the world. You just concentrate on getting better. LT and the kids will do better tomorrow.


  2. I know SugarAnne yesterday I was telling my friend how dirty my house was and things I wanted to do.. She started to laugh at me and said "the last thing I worry about is the house when I'm sick".
    I said I know.. I didn't do anything but I tried well I did do the dishes. LT was going to but he took to long lol. I coulnt stand it anymore!!!