Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Really?? Everything is NOT to be used for spanking!!! Goodness

Ok so I'm laying on the couch yesterday on my stomache (I'm not sure why I think laying on my stomache at any time is safe these days).. LT opens the front door and goes OO looky what I found.  Laying outside my door is a bamboo stick!!! Really?? Ok So who delivered that? lol.. Of course since I'm laying on my stomache it must be tried out (Now why didnt I roll over? Note to self ALWAYS lay on your back).  Yes LT gives me a swat as he's smilin and laughing!! OWWW Not funny!!! So yes we have a new implement. NICE!!! Thank you whoever left the bamboo stick lay outside my door!!!

Ok  so i got to thinking. Do we remember what items arent actually made for anymore?

These are Kitchen Utensils Meant for                                           Stirring this   or other food Items

The hair brush is used for creating art in your head not the bottom!!!

I believe the belt was made for holding up your pants!!  O looky there he has something in his hand
 Thi is a back scratcher its supposed to get rid of that pesky little Itch on your back NOT the pesky little additude the wife has!!! lol

The cane was meant for helping to assist in Walking... Not Assist in additude adjusting

While you are out in the Garage making these I'm sure that your wifey can come up with other projects that would make her house look  decorative not her back side

I just thought we might need a reminder (Well the Spanko Fellas) that these products really have other uses..

You know everything you pick up is NOT meant for Spanking!!! O and really so how come when you pick up a pillow you dont use that for spanking!! Or a piece of paper LOL!!!

Jus some little silly thoughts to share..

Hope things are going good ad my spanko gals are being good!!!


  1. Sonething must be wrong with my computer. Some of the words were blocked out. All I could make out was:

    "Everything is to be used for spanking!!! Except pillows."

    Hmm...makes sense to me when I write it out. Thanks!

  2. lol i just commented on your post didn't realize u seen this...o man that's not it lol its working for me..try again pillows can be used since everything u HOHs pick up u think is for spanking.... its got pics showing what a spoon belt are actually meant for..LY found a bamboo stick laying outside our door

  3. o wait were u just being funny oooo man thered the blonde again!!! sorry I'm a slow learner..must b why my bottom is sore rite now lol

  4. Yes, it's amazing what they view as spankable items...I think pretty much everything.

  5. so funny!!! lol! Leo used a wooden decorative plate that was sitting on our coffee table one day because he forgot the paddle!!!! This made me laugh!I will NOT be showing this post to Leo....he doesn't need any more ideas! lol :-)

  6. lol judy i don't think our hubbies should read each the bloggs they feed off each other lol...he read sugars post and loved the way B'MAN was able to turn maintenance into nice