Friday, December 3, 2010

Looonggg Strange Week!!! And a Name change lol

Ok  first for the name change.. I can't do the initials anymore its driving me crazy sounds weird looks weird so were gonna just use Tyler instead of LT for my hubbies name and call it good lol...

Ok this week just seems so long and different.. O it started off on Sunday when I was sick and slept all day basically into Monday at 11Am.. The end result of that was no Sleep at ALL Monday night!!!... I've done it alot but it catches up to me quick!!! Normally by the next night I'm tired and cranky and well the end result is my rear end getting it lol!! Not this time though not then anyway..

So no sleep Monday night.. Tuesday Night I'm at home being good minding my own business when I walk in the room. Tyler is reading my text messages on my phone (that's fine I don't care he has every right and I have nothing to hide, the only problem with him reading my text messages is him jumping to conclusions) he looks at me shakes his head and puts my phone down.

I said "What?" ( I new there wasn't anything bad and I didn't erase anything either) See I used to have a really bad habit in the last 2 years of talking bad about him to my friends ALL the time and they did too. Since coming back to God and cdd Its not like that anymore. In almost 4 months I have not said 1 bad thing about him..

Anyway when I got i got home earlier I had been on the phone and I told the person I had to go ( I have to watch my phone and text time at home because I am prone to spend ALOT of time on my phone).. Well when I got in the house  he was asleep. Text goes like this.

I say "Hey i can talk he's asleep"..  Person says "Imagine that he's asleep and you have had none those hoh's" lol.. I say "Yeah and the laundry I asked him to fold isn't folded either... O well such is life"..  Ok in my translation that means this " Typical for a man to be sleeping and a woman to be running around like a chicken with her head cut off.. And O well the laundry wasn't done I don't care about the petty little things anymore lol"

His Translation is this.. "Worthless piece of crap is sleeping and didn't even do the laundry well whats new he never does anything anyway"... O BOY!!!

After explaining to him I don't and wouldn't let anyone else talk bad about him he said its fine just drop it.. Of course I kept trying to reassure him that it wasn't like that.. He didn't need to hear anymore he was fine.. I needed him to hear it. Well I dropped it and went off to bed..

He wanted to stay up and watch tv and just have some alone time... this is like 11pm still no sleep.. Ok so I didn't get to sleep till 2am because I'm thinking he's upset and I screwed up and that's why he didn't wanna come up.. Well around 130 he comes up. I told him what was bothering me and everything else that was bothering me. He cuddled me and listen to me vent as my water works are going off and somewhere in there I fell asleep..

Wed morning my friend calls at 5:30... her mom is sick and she need me to come get her son so she can be at work at 6:30.. Yay 3hrs asleep I'm doing good!!!.. So i go save the day get him and go on....

Wed is maintenance and we usually try and do that while kids were in school. Well i have friends son then work so that didn't happen... Wed night we both have class or church so its a late night everyone gets home around 9pm... Well about 11pm Tyler and I  go upstairs.  I don't know how the whole conversation got into effect but somewhere it went strange...I was proud of myself because in the past this conversation would have ended in a knock down blow out fight.. Basically in my translations he was saying I wasn't doing my part in the house work and  I know I was because I have been conscious about it.. Somewhere in there his translation of what I said came out the same he thought I was saying he didn't do anything (Stemming from the text message on Tuesday that was left unsatisfied grrr)..

The problem is we have 3 children whom are well SLOBS lol ... I go by and pick up the house and leave.. The kids come by and Tornado Henry sits in and well destroys the house in 5 min. Tyler comes in cleans it up. I come home its clean.. He is upset because I dint notice the house was clean (Well i cleaned it before I left) but he says no because it was dirty.. Anyway I explained to him what happens and that I thought he was doing fine and we had great teamwork exspecially over the weekend when I was sick and he was tired..

Well no maintenance Wed.... Well we were gonna do it Thursday and that didn't happen.. Thursday night  He was waking up from a nap when I went to bed... I text him when he went downstairs and I asked if he was using that bamboo stick for maintenance tomorrow he says "Maybe" ugh!! He loves keeping me in suspense.. I then ask "are we doing double maintenance" .. He says "yes and taking care of some other business".. I said "well at least you didn't keep me in suspense about that.." I then said "OO I wrote everything down this week and I only smoked one pack a day!!".. He says "Good for you lol"..  I said "whats funny think I'm kissing up?" He says "Yep".. I said "Is it working?" He says "nope".. I say "Can't blame a girl for trying".. lol
(I really wasn't kissing up but hey if it was gonna work thought I'd ask ... I had no Idea what the other issue was lol!!)

So anyway got my maintenance today with the bamboo stick and before he took care of his business (really i wasnt sure what his business was). He says did you say that you smoked to much or didn't write everything down"?  UMM in a fast voice NO Sir I wrote everything down and smoked only 1 pack a day!!! (UMM hey those are 2 separate offenses with 10 HARD swats!!! I didnt earn that this week).. Well his order of business is he wanted to make a point to make sure that I nor did I let anyone else talk bad about him!!!ok 10 HARD swats with the bamboo stick I got the point!!!  

So anyway theres my update....  O by the way if you want an implement that gets the point across and doesn't leave a mark and is fairly quiet its the bamboo stick.. Its good for maintenance because used lightly it doesn't hurt as bad as the loopy lol...

Looks like my other SPanko girls are being pretty good too


  1. That's quite a whirlwind of activity. It sounds like the dust has settled an all is in order though.

  2. Yes and hopefully it stays that way I'm exhausted!!!

  3. sounds like a very frustrating week..... I so totally relate to cleaning/getting messed up, etc

    I am glad you and Tyler got to finally talk things out, even if it meant a little painful, and got that maintenance in. I need to be kept on a good maintenance schedule, so I understand that when it's not there, the need increases expotentially, and often I end up w/ a P by the time he take care of it. Real life gets in the way, but life goes on....

    Thanks for sharing,