Sunday, December 12, 2010

Induging in Self Pitty

These last few weeks have been rather busy and frustrating for me. I sit down to blog and everytime I do I just can't. I dont know what to say (I know a woman Especially me with nothing to say seems very odd lol)..
It seems that when i can't blog I go read someone elses blog  and each time they are talking about how TTWD or Tweed (As it seems everyones favorite word. Call it a new Trend that B'Man started lol) is not easy it doesnt solve everything. They talk about how marriage is alot of work and Tweed adds a little spice to it. Tweed can be some work in itself. I really feel like I'm indulging in self-pitty that I'm trying to do everything I can to be submissive it just seems to be getting hard these days.

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