Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Are those terms of Endearment I hear?

So the other day I get a text from Tyler "Hey baby hows your day?"  HUH?? I read it twice.. I was ready to leave where I was and  go unite myself with him!!! lol.  Then he continues throughout the week calling me babe, sweetheart,  I'm wondering what this man did with my husband LOL!!!

Now i have always called Tyler Honey never by his first name .. I started it when we were dating.
Now the only words of endearment that have came out of his mouth over the year well were ummm I don't think words of endearment more like words of impeachment lol!!!..

Anyway amazing how being kind and honoring your husband makes him love you more and appreciate you more. When we started TTWD I didn't know what it would do to our lives.. Really i think me totally surrendering to God and loving God has helped.. I don't just submit to my husband because i don't want to be spanked. I submit because to make God happy i have to do what his word has said to do..

 I know Tyler isn't gonna be perfect nor am I. I do believe that we both have committed ourselves 100% to this marriage and loving each other..  This year for Christmas  got him something he would never know. I put thought into and that has rarely happened. Anyway I just wanted to share a Little bit on how TTWD is working for us and how we are doing..

God Bless..


  1. Daisy,
    I noticed almost immediately after we began this life that he was acting differently. Subtle nuances would come to light such as placing his hand on the small of my back when we walked, opening doors for me more often, taking my hand when we were walking on an icy strip, asking if I needed anything whenever he went to the kitchen for himself... It actually took me a while to piece together what was happening. My giving the gift of submission to him was inspiring him to give back to me. And even now, a year later, the affectionate gestures keep growing.

    I'd like to see your take on this subject a year from now. Should be interesting.


  2. We've only been doing this since July 2010 and immediately I noticed a huge difference. Not that he didn't call me on his lunch and inquire how things were going at home or showing me more affection and everything else but it was different. More intense, more just on purpose. He would go out of his way to be home with us more often. Yes he worked lots of hours but instead of going fishing or hunting he'd want to stay home now to be home with us. It was good before but if he was angry he would walk away or go to work without saying or kissing me by. I knew I had done something than. Now we work it out he's never mad, I'm never mad we hardly fight but maybe once a year. Wish we had known about this a lot sooner.

  3. ladies its amazing what happens when we give our hubbies the love and respect they want and deserve....they really don't ask for much but deserve so much more