Tuesday, December 21, 2010


So this is the prime example as to why everything you Hoh's Pick up is NOT for spanking.  It made me turn maintenance into discipline. I Know Tyler says I did it but I say he did it.. It wasn't fair I tell ya!!! LOL.. 

Ok Tyler bought this particle board or fake wood stuff for trim on the floor in the door way. It was about 2ft long and in plastic.. (OK i think you all understand what it is.) Ok so its bed time and we were upstairs. He was playing around with our  oldest lightly smacking him with this thing..

 Well I have sweats and a robe on. We walk in our bedroom and he starts swatting me with it. I thought he was playing at first. They were light swats and OK I'm still fully dressed with robe on. I kept  saying stop and putting my hand back there I was afraid he was gonna get my back. He kept saying be still and move your hand. I wasn't listening when I finally realized he wasn't playing it was to late. I was now in discipline the swats were coming in hard. YUP  I quickly realized that he was NOT playing.. Maintenance swats were over and these swats were coming down hard about to bring me in tears. Yes when I realized he wasn't playing I stopped. and assumed my position on the treasure chest .

When I know that its really maintenance or discipline  I never put my hand back there. I do say stop but I don't know where my mind is at that time lol..  I had no idea he was being serious!!!! HIJACKED I TELL YA!!!

Afterwards I said "That  was not fair you Hijacked me and that hurt!!" ( I know spankings are supposed to hurt but maintenance doesn't hurt like discipline does.)  He says "Next time you will listen huh? and be still. He said I wasn't gonna get your back."  I said "I was fully dressed you always do bare bottom." He said "I was trying to just be light since you have been good lately. but you ruined that." 

 O MAN!!! Lesson learned when there is nothing to learn.

Here's a Note to self and all my spanko gals:
When Your HOH says 3 or 4x to stop He's not playing!!!  (Ok so some of you may have already known that but I'm a blonde and apparently slow learner in the Tweed world)!!!!

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