Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I can't, I can't, I JUST CAN'T!!!!

O i don't know where to begin. I know its been a week since I've blogged and I've needed to blog last week and every time I started to blog I had nothing to say!! ( I know a speechless woman?? I know and because its me who would have thought??) Anway

The last week or so feels like its been out of control!!! We were doing good on this road of TTWD (Or now I think its called Tweed in B'Mans words lol)..  We were just putting along. The spankings were coming the maintenance was coming ( I think this is what SugarAnne calls BS!!! lol) ( OK OK Yeah i read there blogs ALOT)))!!!! Anyway  things starting crashing when my mouth started running ( GASP you say a womans mouth runs??) Well apparently Tyler forgot that women have mouths that run freely at times.  Well He says I was spending to much time on the Internet blogging... OF course I have to argue the fact that i'm not blogging I'm reading. Blogging is when I write something and I hadn't been writing I been reading. Tyler seems to think that blogging is blogging and reading is blogging!!! OK OK Blind rod made its point. Blogging= reading and posting GOT IT


So then were to this little thing called my freely running mouth again!!! So my oldest son that i like to call my trial and error (Which my trial and error is a pretty good kid) Ok trial and error has a free  running mouth too. I Have no idea where it came from hmmm?? Where o where ok.. Anyway back on track here. So  I butted in a few times and that really pissed Tyler off.. Ok in my defense I thought if I wasn't yelling it would be ok to but in if I said "Honey (In my sweet voice) thats not what he meant and no he doesnt." Well apparently it doesnt matter which way you butt in butting in is butting in. Well Tyler freely ran his mouth and said a few things that hurt not verbally abuse just swearing and yelling at me OUCH!!! Well i spent a week having poor me syndrome. Yes he let me know Poor me OUCH!!! again. Sooo it was really bad by Friday but my bro-in law (Sisters husband) had open heart surgery and I had all there grandkids here so the kids could be at the hospital. so no time for discipline or maintenance. 

The weekend got worse felt like my marriage was going back to the old NOOOOOOOOO!!! I felt so distant from him.. OOO its that darn poor me. Well Finally monday We settled down i got my maintenance and he made a VERYYYY Good point about EVERYTHING with the STICK!! and all seems to be floating a little better!! Over the last week I have learned.. Ok are you listening girls because this is good lessons and once again I'll take one for the Spanko Team!!! lol

Lessons learned:
1)Blogging is posting and reading
2) Butting in is NOT just yelling its talking nicely too
3)Interrupting your HOH when he is trying to talk especially when you got the look and the HUSH not such a good idea..

Now that's all fixed but now I have big anxiety..

I have to go back to work and I CAN"T I DON"T WANT TO I'm scared I haven't worked in over a year!!! I don't think i can be a submissive wife, Good mom, keep a clean house and work.

MY van is already a mess, I havent written anythng down and all i wanna do is crawl into bed I'm soo depressed.. Someone told me to ask for a distress spanking... Yup think I'll ask for something a little nicer :) maybe that will help...

So anyway theres my spill!!!

Please pray for me and the smoking thing SUCKING TOO!!! UGH I'm not doing well at it.


  1. NOTE TO ALL WOMEN BLOGGING = READING AND POSTING!!! GOT IT?? OK I took one for the team..

    I'm so glad that you took one for the team; I am glad to know of this too; although I think I had already suspected it, but there it is right there in writing; I guess we don't have an excuse anymore huh?

    I'm sorry you had a rotten week and weekend, but I'm glad that things are looking up. Seems like your hoh is right where he needs to be. Sorry you got yelled at though :( Been there; done that..

    my thoughts are with you


  2. ps. I don't know what i would say if he wanted me to go back to work.. I don't think I could do it with small kids.. I hope that you guys can find a way where you don't have to.. but if you do have to; pray about it :)


    Perhaps that should include chat too! ;)

    Hope your week shapes up soon.

  4. no B'MAN if we learn all of our lessons in one week then all of you HOHs will be starving to Tweed lol I'm sure chatting will be next week

  5. Note to self...do not show this blog to Hubby that way blogging can still be writing and CHATTING.

    Ah Daisy I am sorry you had a bad week. And I know how you feel about going back to work. Maybe it won't have to be full time maybe you can work just part-time to start with so you can get back into the grove of things?

  6. annie the problem is i go to school..i already sit with my moms disabled friends...today i won't b home till 8 tonite and i left my house at 8 this am

  7. Oh no B'man don't say chatting.. *L* just don't.. juussstt doooonnn't saaaayyyy iiiiitttttt! :)

  8. Hmm...looks like I've hit some kinda (chat) nerve. ;)

  9. o ss just hide this blog from bunny lol...B'MAN is trying to take all our fun..he wants us to learn all our lessons in one week..thats why he starves for tweed he has sugaranne on her toes ...lol

  10. sounds like a very rough week indeed, hope things are going much better for you. Galway