Friday, December 3, 2010

This stranger is my husband?

There used to be a stranger in my house. Who was he?  My children called him dad. He slept in my bed. He was at my house every day.  He tried to hug me and kiss me. He told me he loved me I said it back I often wondered did I love this stranger?  Who was this stranger and why was he always around?... One day I realized I wanted to know who this stranger was.. I started talking to him. I started hugging him, saying I love you and mean it.  It seemed this stranger was feeling a void of loneliness I had for so many years..I then realized O wait that stranger is my husband of 14yrs!!!

My kids no longer call a stranger dad.  A stranger no longer sleeps in my bed.. There is no longer a stranger at my house everyday.. There is no longer a stranger trying to hug and kiss me, saying I love you and getting a half I love you back..  My HUSBAND IS HERE!!! I embrace him laying in my bed. I long for his Hugs and his Kisses.. I tell him I love him so much or a whole bunch.  He no longer has to want for me to love and embrace him because I do.

My Darling Tyler is such a wonderful man.  He has shown me unconditional love. He's loved me even when it seemed I had none to give him.  He loved me when I wanted nothing to do with him and made him feel lesser and lesser of a man as each year went on.  I'm so grateful he can move on with me even with all the hurt I have caused him.  I try very hard every day to reassure my love for him. I thank God as we pray for the wonderful strong man he gave me. I tell Tyler how lucky I am to have him. Most men would have left along time ago.

CDD has helped our marriage alot but truly the person who really saved our marriage (Besides of God of course) is my darling husband.  If it wasn't for his patience, his kindness, loving  heart, his great strength and his courage to keep moving on when all there seemed to be was darkness and coldness from the one he loved we would never be together today!!!

Thank you MY Sweet Darling HUSBAND for your unconditional love for me and our children!!! I love you so much!!! I'm so glad you stuck around and I can't wait to grow old with you and not to mention spoil our grandkids rotten tell them all the rotten things their parents did.  Fill them full of sugar and send them home!! O yes soo much fun... Yes I will ever so gratefully crawl in your wheelchair and get over your knee :)!!!

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