Monday, January 3, 2011

Putting Humpty Dumpty back together again

 First I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year and more to come!!

My submission comes more naturally than I thought. I usually don't talk disrespectful (ok occasionally I interrupt and butt in when he's talking to the kids but if asked to do something or he is lecturing I listen.)  Now I keep a pretty descent house (As descent as one can be with 3 lazy kiddos!!) if it gets a clutter my mind gets a clutter when my mind gets a clutter well my mouth gets a clutter and I crumble.  Its like humpty dumpty slowly falling off the brick wall into a million pieces.. Fortunately for me I have Tyler to put the pieces back together again.

So somewhere between Christmas and New Years my upstairs became a mess.  Ok well the logical thing would be to clean it right? Right.. Ok that sounds good but here comes the Falling off a brick wall part. When I look around I don't know where  to start.  so I start in one room and think Ok theres clutter so lets make more and declutter the closets and the bookshelves.. But wait theres another room thats a clutter lets go see how much more we can clutter that!!! OOO heres where humpty starts to fall. I had 2 cluttered rooms that i didnt know what to do with so I decide to rearrange the rooms, declutter the closets and OOO MY what have we done!!!

This is a good time to set on the floor in my room for 2 hours and to see what my online spanko friends are up to  and read some spanko stories on Lulu and well its time for bed with nothing done. Well things keep piling and   Tyler sees I'm falling slowly  and he tries to stay clear. He decides  come in and help pull Humpty dumpty  back up  . Really I dont need any suggestions I got this!!! He starts to tell me how I should do one room and get it done and move to the next. Of course I dont let him finish I butt in with  my rebuttle it is " Well the kids room is a disaster and it has to be cleaned I cant have it not clean." Tyler  Says "Ok  well I want OUR room clean TONIGHT since you dont want to listen figure it out!!!". I try to reply with But " I do want to listen I'm sorry your right." Well the warning face comes up and he walks out of the room.

SO i continue to try sorting thrue this disaster. Christmas just has me all out of wack then this upstairs well Tyler knows I'm over do for a spanking I know I'm over do for a spanking but kids have been home from school and the over do spanking needs to be good so there just hasnt been time. Well anyway back to humpty and the great wall. So I start working on our room then decide its back to the kids room and figuring out this disaster. Then the kids start driving me crazy and I start to yell at them. Tyler heaves up some warning signals that I put in my head and shove them somewhere between " What did he say and O this mess is driving me crazy." So anyway.  The room doesn't get done when Tyler says and everything is a big mess. He tells me the next day it didn't get done but i also threw that to the side.

Well I was trying to talk to Tyler for 2 days about something and i kept getting "I'm not in the mood." So when i was texting him and he told me he wasn't in the mood to talk about it i said "fine I'll leave you alone." Apparently he got another text from me that came in after i said I'd leave him alone but it was out of order so i got "I thought you were leaving me alone about this?" I was like "What I am." O he was soo adamant  that I leave him alone and I did.

Tyler likes me to tell him what I'm doing after work etc. Well today I decided that he wanted me to leave him alone fine. we normally text while i'm at work but i didnt text him all day and i didnt tell him where i was going. I dont know if I was bratting some or just frustration had caught over I had fallen apart and He wasn't putting me back together on my time.  SO anyway I decided i was going to go shopping and i didn't care if i told him what i was doing or not. I also on my little outing bought the kids games for the Wii and xbox. He new i was buying them but he also thought I would by cheaper ones I suppose I don't know. My brain was gone humpty had fallen into a million pieces

So i get home things are settled we have a discussion Tyler says "thanks for telling me where you were going". "You think its ok to just do what you want? It was a short discussion I listened. I was just glad that he was in a better mood. All is going well until he saw the price of the games!!!

So anyway to wrap up little humpty.  We are laying in bed and Tyler says you know you have 10 swats coming for everything you've done right? I said "Do you remember everything I did?" "NO, but you will help me" He says sorta chuckling. "I dont remember a darn thing I'm an angel" We laughed and he ends it with "Well theres 10 more for not complying."  I suppose whats 10 more when you got a million coming right?

So finally New Years Eve Tyler put Humpty back together again. HE brought home all the pieces and put them in tact for the New Year so my mind isn't broken and I know exactly what I'm to do now. I told him I was sorry and I even asked for a few more swats in the end. I really dont know what was going on with me those last few days. I think i was falling off the wall for a while now. But on a good note  The rooms are clean the kids are happy Tyler is happy and I'm happy.  THe problem is my bottom isnt happy but I guess we cant all be happy now can we!!! lol... A friends Fiance  reminded me that whatever your doing on New Years Eve is what you will be doing all year!! So i guess I will be wearing a sore bottom for the year to come!!!

I suppose i should've asked for a cushioned toilet seat for Christmas.. ITs not very comfy sitting on a hard seat with a sore Toosh!!!

Happy New year!!!


  1. it is awesome that you have someone special that is able to put 'humpty dumpty' back together. remember, that even ALL of the resources available to the king were not enough to put humpty dumpty back together!

    also remember that humpty dumpty was an egg. as women, we are fragile creatures but with a tough shell (some tougher than others). sometimes when our shell is cracked, its not always a bad thing.

  2. HH :
    When i chose humpty I didnt even think about him being an egg and how fragile we are just like eggs. Yes I feel very blessed and am soo very glad I get a second chance to enjoy my husband.. Thanks

  3. All the king's horses and all the kings men are unsuccessful when the services of the king himself is required.
    It's great that your king can come through for you in your time of need.

  4. yes i fill very blessed to have my king i also feel blessed that my king turns to The King for guidance

  5. Glad you got put back together again...... it is a wonderful feeling, isn't it!

    Hope all is marching along in the order it should.