Monday, July 1, 2013

Wasn't Gonna do it no way!!! OO but I did

I been blogging for about 2yrs never stayed on top of it. I have been lurking for about 6 months. I have been keeping up on my friends. Some of you know your my friends and some of you don't!! lol.. In that time I had come across new blogs and got to know them. I had been going back and forth with coming out of lurking and then it happened!!

My friends started hurting the community started hurting and I started hurting so I decided HEY!! I'm here I love you all don't be scared its Ok were all here for eachother.. So I decided to come out of lurking.  I also decided I'm not going to post about this I'm just going to let it go.. I had read the article ( I guess it was a piece of the first article or something) I didn't think what I read was  all that bad.. It was the same crap that everyone has to say about ttwd. "You know like OO the wife must be brain washed her husband/boyfriend must be abusive.. OO they need help."

So I moved on but then it happened!!! I read the original article and as I read my mouth fell open and I was like NO WAY THAT IS NOT TRUE!!! The bloggers that this person was talking about I new them. Some of them I new before they become bloggers.

I read on and I went to some blogs mentioned that I didn't know and guess what I made new friends lol!!! As I read on in the article and read some blogs I was outraged that the writer had taken bits and pieces of the blogs added their own words called it the truth and published it in the paper!! SCANDAL I SAY!!!

I feel so hurt for the lovely ladies who were hurt by this.... I could say I don't understand why people have to be so down on this lifestyle but I do know because what we don't know and what we don't understand must be wrong!!! Its not normal so its not right!! 

I never received hate mail about dd. I wish I would receive it instead of my friends receiving it.. You know why? Because I don't care!! Bring on the hate!!.. I have been married for 17yrs and we started DD about 3 yrs ago and I can say that my first 13-14yrs were hard and rough but since DD has come into our marriage I  feel like I'm on my honey moon. I don't think I have ever been so in love with my husband like I have been for the past 3 yrs.. So I say bring on the hate because I will love back. I will love DD for what its done to my marriage and I will love them anyway for being haters.. I tried the "normal" way for 13yrs and all it got me was hurt, heartache and almost divorced but then  I tried it OUR WAY!! And Its working..

 I didn't fine spanking on line.. I didn't search around and look for a way to fix my marriage and come across DD.. Nope I was driving down the highway praying and trying to find a way to fix my crumbling marriage that wasn't existent that was full of pain and hurt.. Then it came to my head "Daisy you need spanked. You need consequences for your actions. Why do you do the things you do? You are so hateful to your husband at times girl you need a spanking!!!"

So the internet didn't brain wash me, my husband didn't bring it up to me. Nope I thought of it all by myself. As a matter of fact I didn't know dd existed until after I finally got up the courage to talk to my husband about it and then we spent the night looking up "Spanked wives" On the internet!! OOO was that scarey lol.. I found some good sites. I found yahoo groups and a few others I read then started making friends. I got Tyler to join some groups and then we were off on our Journey!!

Most of my friends brought this to their husband and most of my friends have problems because their husbands are  inconsistent.. OO but were in a dd relationship so we must be abused!! I will go no further with this part because this could be a whole other post.

Most people who are against dd I bet they have a friend or 2 that's in it.. You wouldn't know I was in a dd relationship unless I told you.. My husband and I banter back and forth, We also bicker and we annoy each other.. You doesn't throw around his authority in public (Well not often but has been known too some lol)

I hear people say "Well back in the 50's wives were so abused bla bla" You know what I guarantee there were a lot more happy spanked wives then abused ones. The spanked woman didn't go around telling you they were spanked because well they didn't want you to know and you couldn't tell they were spanked because OOO guess why? Can you guess? Because the only marks they had were on their behinds!!! The abused wives had marks on their faces and arms etc.. An abusive man doesn't need spanking for an excuse to beat his wife he just does it!!

I have had people ask me what made my marriage different and I have told a couple of them about DD. Their first response is silence with a puzzled look then the questions "Does he hit you? Are you abused? Are you scared of him?"   I say " Look at me do I look abused? You see us together do I look scared of him? You know we banter back and forth and he's good to me."  They usually say "Your right and if it works great."

That's usually the end of the conversation. I had a couple of them talk to me about wanting to do it with their spouse.. One of the friends and I decided that her husband is too verbally abusive now and completely controlling that it might be an awful idea for them. I was praying they would never try it.. The other one he talked to his wife about it and I haven't talked to him lately so I don't know what they did..

The bottom line is this. I Really think in reality most people if they new about our lifestyles they may or may not agree with it but if they truly see how much it works and that we aren't abused by it then they would probably have some questions, watch closely and mosey on by..  I really don't care who knows about my lifestyle. If my kids were adults or I didn't have any then I wouldn't stay private but for the safety of my children I do..

Anyway to my friends who have been hurting don't worry about it honestly it will go away and these people are like the moms who used to pick things out of the Disney shows the sublimittle messages. They have nothing better to do!!!

Hugs and Love you all

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