Friday, July 19, 2013

My Fantasy Friday

So a friend and I were talking the other day this is our conversation

She said "Sometimes I wish I lived in a fantasy world where I had  2 husbands."

I said " O well not me because that would be 2 men to obey and 2 men to spank me. NO thanks!!!"

We both laughed and then she said  "Well I meant 2 husbands to pleasure me not to spank me!!! Can't I just live in my fantasy world?"


That conversation reminded me of a post I had been wanting to write. A while back I read on a dd blog (sorry I don't remember which one if its yours tell me I will share). Anyway her husband wasn't very consistent in spanking. So she wrote a  post about how she wanted things to go when she misbehaved and I thought "Wow me TOO!!!"

 I'm very much a procrastinator and even though Tyler gives me a deadline I don't always get it done. However  he gives me a second deadline and I get it done but honestly I don't want 2 deadlines.

Here is an example. Summer is very busy for us. My day usually goes like this I'm out of the house by 7:30 work till 5:30 ish then at baseball/softball games till 10pm home at 11. That's usually 4 nights a week. Then on the weekends  were up and at the ball fields by 7:15 on Saturday morning for 8 am game, back home at 5 or 6 pm and then Sunday pretty  much the same (were done now thank goodness).

There would be times I would opt out of the 8am  game to clean and then go to the next game. He would tell me I better get bla bla done.  I would be up from 7am texting or on computer or running around etc.  I wouldn't get anything done. He would come home at 10 and just say "You were supposed to get this done."  Then he would tell me I had another chance to get it done.  Of course with the second chance I would get it done..

Now in my fantasy world how I really wanted it played out is:

When he comes home he walks in the door.

"Daisy you didn't get anything done?"

"Well I umm, I No sir."

"To our room now and bare yourself in the corner." He said Sternly

Then I would stand in the dreaded corner which I truly hate waiting on him.. With anticipation of what was going to happen. Then he would enter the room

"Daisy turn around and look at me."  He would say as he sat on the bed . "Why didn't you get anything done?"

"Well I um was texting and procrastinating Sir."

"You have been warned about procrastinating right?"

"Yes sir."

"Bend over" He would say sternly as I hear him pulling his belt off
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"We have talked about your procrastination." He says as the swoosh of the belt goes across my bared bottom. I'm trying to be still  and be submissive.

"You had plenty of time to get it done." Then swoosh swoosh as the belt came down on my bare bottom over and over again.

"Oww please I'm sorry owwwww" I say trying to stay still

"Stay still Daisy or we will start over after you have more corner time. I mean for you to remember this spanking."

"OOWWW Yes sirrr I'm sorry sir."

Then he continues to reign the belt down on my bottom until my breathing is shallow and my please are quiet. Then he will throw the belt down. pull me up to him kiss my forehead and tell me

"This is for your good  you know that right?"

I Hug him and say "Yes sir, Thank you sir."

then he smacks my  bottom and says "More corner time."

After corner time we have amazing make up time and all is well and the next time I want to procrastinate I think twice.

Now back to reality.. maybe some day it will play out that way.. Oo it has a few times but not so much about that stuff.. However I never underestimate him he pulls things out of somewhere.


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    1. yes your right Sunny.. I have a friend who's husband is very consistent and its hard on her..she knows its hard on me that Tylers not..I always tell her " if I had what u had and u had what I had we still wouldn't be happy!!"

      Us woman we can't figure ourselves out and we expect our husbands too lol

  2. I think that some things are best left in fantasy land

  3. You never know when he will pull out the HOH hat and permanently fix it to his head and then you wouldn't never have any leeway.
    But this does sound familiar. :)

    1. Yes you are right because he has become way more dominant and I'm sure when were empty nesters ans board it will happen lol..right now life gets in the way and were too busy

  4. That sounds very ouchy Daisy!!

    1. Yes it does but sometimes I need a hot bottom. Lol but I'm not surprised you said that!!