Monday, July 22, 2013


Is Flabbergasted a word? Hold I will google it because you know if its on the internet its the truth!!! Lol
Thats a commercial if you all dont know

Ok I found it. There were alot of definitions but we will keep it simple

As if struck dumb with astonishment and surprise

I was reading a blog that I used to read all the time and was crusing around and found  this post. I got to know this couple pretty well and others may too. However I loved loved loved Christophers respone in that post. I just dont understand some people!! 

Do some people not realize that they probably have a DD friend or 2? I mean if my friends were cruising around and found DD on the web they would probably think the same as some "OOO He must be a monster, these woman are brain washed." And all the while they dont realize that someone that practices DD is sitting right next to them hahaha!!

I"m not saying DD woman arent abused because some are just like non-dd woman. However an abusing husband, boy friend, whatever does not need spanking as an excuse to abuse a woman. I mean seriously people!!!

I did share DD with a few friends and one i shared my blog with. after reading my blog he came back and had a few questions.I think I've shared this before. He knows Tyler and I well and saw me everyday. He asked me if I was abused and scared of Tyler.. I said "Do I look abused, do i seem scared of Tyler?" I mean Tyler and I go back and forth teasing eachother. I'm a VERY INdependent strong willed Woman. 

As Christopher says in his post "Ella would get along just fine with out me."  Thats how I am with Tyler. I can totally take care of myself and I have for years. WHen I brought DD up to Lee and he took over. I felt free.. WHen I'm holding the reigns and calling more shots I hate it!! I hate it!! I hate it.. I have taken care of myself pretty much since I was 12yrs old. I'm the youngest of 6. Yes my parents were wonderful parents and always there for me but by the time I was 16 my mom was 50. She was tired from raising kids. My parents and I took care of eachother.

WHen Tyler and I married I took care of him then a baby then another baby and everyone elses baby and another baby of my own.. I dont like it..

My job I have i work with soon to be 3 men and I take care of them!! I love love love my job but sometimes I loathe ALLL my responsibilty. I have to remember things for 7 soon to be 8 people!! I have to do things and take care of 8 people!!.

So when TYler is in  full swing (Pun intended) Of this TTWD I feel free!!!

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