Friday, July 12, 2013

This week in Full Swing !!!

 This week we have had a few incidents that I been wanting to post since Monday. Its just my summer is just now winding down.  So I will recap for you!!!

Hugs and Hope you all are had a great week and have a wonderful weekend!! OOO and What a great end to the week to hear that Emily is back home and doing well!!!

So since I've gotten back to reading blogs again my submission has come back around. I have told you in other post how Tyler made me leave all the groups but not blogging.  Well I been reading here and there for a while but the last 2 months I have been reading more and then I started replying getting more involved. 

One of Tyler's biggest issues is first my attitude then my second guessing him. Like he says something is purple and I  am sure its blue so I will look it up and see who's right or I will say "Are you sure?"  So I have decided to work on that among other things of course.. Anyway Sunday my son had his last baseball game. Its a tournament so we didn't know the times on Sunday. Well the coaches wife sent a text that the game was at 11.  Well that was Saturday night. Well then Tyler says the game is at 12. I was going to look but I thought ya know maybe I misread it and no I'm not second guessing him.  He is one of the coaches he should know.

Sunday rolls around I make breakfast take it to Tyler and son. I'm down cleaning up and its like 10:45 and Tyler yells down OOO Crap Daisy hurry I was wrong game is at 11 hurry!!  OO just great first I'm not dressed, kids not dressed and its 20 min away!! and that's if traffic is good and if he isn't there by the time its his turn to bat then he cant play. Well then I start getting upset. Here I let go and I trusted him I didn't second guess him and he let me down.

Ok now before you all start saying "He's HUMAN!!" Lol yes I know this is why I was trying to keep my emotions in check.

I did say to him "I thought it was at 11 I should've have double checked!!" big groan and sigh

He said "Well why didn't you?"

"Because you get mad when I second guess you and don't just trust you so that's what I was trying to do."

"O well I guess I read it wrong." He said

Well mad woman (that's me) and half asleep kid head out the door and rush to the game. I get him there at 5 after and my friend called and said he made it. I rushed back home to get Tyler. I was really trying to settle down. I was trying not to cry. I know he is human but the one time I really decide to give it over to him don't second guess him. BAM!! UGh. I really just kind of felt like "This is why I need to stay in charge, Cant he just take responsibility for something." I really wasn't in a shouting mode. More of a defeated sad mode. Just wanted to crawl in a corner

I had sent him a text that said "I'm sorry I got upset with you I know you just made a mistake no biggie."
He texts back " I know I'm a piece of crap."

Ugh I felt awful. I said "No your not you just made a mistake and I gotta settle."

I didn't get into trouble over that I think I simmered down in time. I was very upset with myself. It felt like an epic fail. I really wished he would have spanked me over it. I guess he sees that I'm trying to be more submissive. We got past that day but a few days later he was full of surprises..

I got home from work and made dinner and told him it was ready. He was up in our room. when he got down he said something about me not coming up to say hi and i'd been home for an hour. Well if I go to our room its over lol  and NO NO get your mind out of the gutter lol I lay down on the bed and don't want to get up..

   The next night I went up to say hi. Him and my daughter were watching a movie. I went to the bathroom then my son was knocking on the door so we were yelling through the bedroom door. and I got out and apparently was loud so before I could kiss him and say hi  he was griping at me for being loud.

 Of course I was hurt because he could have paused the tv. I just glared at him and said "Well you said yesterday you wanted me to come up and say hi so today I did." Then I stopped out of the room and decided not to cook dinner.. There that will get him.  OO Obad I know .. I was hurt though..

Well later him and my son were arguing and I hate it. I try and stay out of it but I cant. I stomped downstairs and asked why do you have to yell?" .
He said "I will do what I want get back upstairs and stay out of it.!!" He growled.

 I was fed up so I went took a movie back and when I got home he came upstairs we said a few words and then he said " Stay off the computer and phone tonight and get yourself in check!!"

What he has never made me stay off the phone or computer. I wanted to write!!! I almost got on the ipad because he didn't say no Ipad heheh.. I know giggle with me. I didn't though.. I told everyone that I was texting I had to go. Thank goodness they were all dd friends and understood.. He was out mowing and I could've got on but I didn't.. Well Ok maybe twice when he was taking a shower and everyone said good night..

Man I guess I had a lot of epic fails and I really do need a spanking..
The next night was better and we were teasing and I was teasingly pushing him and he got the leather heart shaped paddle and swatted me once with it over my sweats!!! O My word!! I thought I was gonna loose it hurt.. He was proud of his heart shape brand on my butt!! Anyway I'm surprised it didn't bruise. Its all good..

This weekend is our first  full weekend with nothing to do. I'm sure I will be an angel and all will be fine!!!
 HMMM  see they even have a little girl as an angel trying to keep the devil out of trouble!!

Hugs and thanks for reading


  1. Whoa! Is that Schroeder?! I'm a little rusty on my Peanuts, but shouldn't that be Charlie Brown spanking Lucy for all those football flops she subjected him to? ;-) Maybe Charlie Brown is saving his spanks for The Little Redhead Girl. Schroeder must be a true spanko - he wants nothing to do with lovesick Lucy in any other way. I wonder... nevermind! Lol!

    Daisy, I think our guys do rely on us to keep them straight about details. It's all in how we present those details to them. I agree, sometimes it's hard to do when they are convinced they are right.

    I can feel really snippy if it starts heading toward an argument. If he doesn't want to listen or starts to debate me, I then have the tendency to want let him figure it out on his own. I know, not well done of me. Kinda b*tchy, in fact. Sigh.

    He knows me well enough to know I don't bother correcting him unless I'm certain he is operating on wrong info, or that I absolutely know I'm right. If my nice and gentle input (I'm being serious) is met with contentious attitude from him, one of two things will happen: I end the conversation or the gloves come off. Again, I could handle this better.

    My D is detail oriented, and exacting about his own conduct. If he messes up, he feels badly, and fixes it if he can. If I knew he was going to make a mistake and didn't tell him, he would take it all on himself because he believes he should have known better. His mistakes are his own. He doesn't blame me. I do that to myself.

    At worst, I would think he would feel I betrayed him by not telling him something. At the least, he would think I was being thoughtless, uncaring or rude. But, he doesn't do that. He doesn't attribute negative motivations to me. He's amazing that way.

    On the other hand, I would quiz him about why he hadn't told me something I should have known. I wouldn't ask in an accusing manner, but I would ask. We should be each other's backup alarm - ya know?

    Well, that was a bunch of rambling thoughts. Don't know if you can take anything away from it that can mean anything to you.

    I'm glad you're back to teasing and having fun! This is the best way to start a weekend with nothing scheduled. Make it rock!



  2. This is tough. Part of me wants to say there is nothing wrong with saying - in a non accusing way, "I'm glad the game is at 12:00 instead of 11. I thought it started at 11..." Hinting for him to double check the time. But yet, I get you wanting not to second guess him. To 'trust' him. It's hard, either way.

    I'm glad you obeyed him and got off the computer and phone when he told you to. :)

    Try to get into the habit of always going to him when you get home. Then he'll know to expect you. Maybe if you both do it, he'll 'make time' for you. It'll become routine. Does that make sense?

    Enjoy your first free weekend. Sounds great!!!

  3. Thanks Sunny!!

    irishey we woman start thinking then it just gets all scattered in our head then we over think..poor guys...yes I will get in the habit of goin to him to say hi...

    Sarah being submissive is a daily challenge lol

  4. LOL Daisy, I know all about that thinking problem and how we come to all sorts of conclusions and then our men just look at us like we are nuts. I hope your weekend went really well!

  5. I know our poor men always have to figure us out lol were like yoyos with emotions...We did have a good weekend although it seemed every thing I did or saidhe thought I had attitude but I didn't...anyway I decided to go to bed early lastnite because that was the worse day of our weekend..