Monday, July 8, 2013

Good Morning Friends

Over the last few weeks my blog land friends have had a rough go. I was trying to reply to some over the weekend and give them hugs but my phone was not cooperating. I thought that I would write up a post and send it to you all.

First I want to say that I didn't know Bas but I went through and read his blog and I'm very said that I didn't know him.. I know the pain of mourning all to well. Just know I'm here if any of you need an ear or eyes to read.. Just remember he wanted you to keep smiling and moving on. He'd probably say each of you needed a spanking if you didn't.

Also I want to say That I'm continuing to pray for Emily I know you all are completely worried sick about her as I am too. Just know that she is in Gods hands and He will take care of her.

Here's to a good week with hopefully more good news about Emily and we all can smile brighter!!!

Big Hugs and Loves to my Spanko and SpankNO friends here in Blogville!!!


  1. :)
    Things are looking better for Emily. Hope they keep getting better :)
    Thoughts and prayers continue for her and Lisa :)

    Hugs back atcha!