Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Road to Submission

I have done a lot of thinking, a lot of pondering.

Unconditional Love

I have the most wonderful man in the world. I  don't think I have shared much of our road before DD on my blog some of you know anyway that's for another day.  Tyler has shown me unconditional love and when you see unconditional its so hard to pay it back.

I spend a lot of time feeling sorry for everything that I do and feeling like Tyler leaves me out. But honestly I don't go that extra mile like I used to. I guess because I feel he doesn't work as hard as I do. Man I throw a lot of blame his way. I always feel like I need him and I want him and I do but in the same since I gotta give him something to want and need.

This says it perfectly

So now I'm on a mission. I'm on a mission to be that woman he wants and needs. I know as I do all this it will fall into place.

So I'm on my own little road to submission. I used to write in a journal when we first started TTWD so now maybe I will use the blog for that. I want to focus more on being submissive  I want to be the submissive that I really fantasize about being. I know I always say he doesn't embrace the spanking and stuff like I do .I think he does but I think he wants me to show him that this is what I really want.

So I'm going to work more on showing him love, attention and do more special things for him on a daily basis show him I do embrace him..

So this is where all my blogger friends come in handy I need help lol..

I want to come up with things I can do special for him daily. Rubbing his feet, leave him notes. I do make a plate for his dinner and take it to him. I know he likes that because he commented when I didn't do it for a while.. Hmm maybe kneel by him to talk to him??

Anyway if anyone has suggestions or ideas they would be greatly appreciated. I am going to try and put a border around that poem I wrote "The Submissive Her" and get it laminated.

So spill away lol. any and all ideas are appreciated thank you


  1. I like the ideas you've already listed. Leaving notes, kneeling at his feet, giving him that poem. Maybe ask him what he wants you to do (like chores). Maybe refer to him on more decisions. I don't k ow um not good at this.
    Good luck!
    Keep us posted.......

    1. Thank you Sarah, good idea about referring to him more about decisions. Something I really need to work on

  2. Humm....

    I think we each have different things that help us feel a bit more submissive. They may not be things that our guys notice right away, but they will notice the change of attitude/heart and that is a big deal. I know that I tend to get frustrated if I start "doing" things and then he doesn't even acknowledge them.

    LOL, what am I saying? Like us, you two have been at this for some time. I think if I were in your shoes I would find some quietness and sit down with him (no kids near!) and pour your heart out. Tell him what you are desiring and then ask him for some ideas. He might really surprise you with little things he appreciates that you didn't even know about. Sheesh, a huge one here is backing the car in the driveway instead of leaving it face in. I would never, ever have known that.

    You already know the stuff he loves and can mess with that some and take things up a notch. I loved the ideas you put in this post!

    1. OOO Susie that is a big issue for me communicating with him my feelings. I can't seem to get my words out sometimes I don't know. I know I need to work on his pet peeves and I will lol.

  3. Hi Daisy! *waving* I told you I'd come visit and say hello. ;)

    I think that trying to come up with some little ways to show him your love and appreciation and yes, submission, is a wonderful idea. As for what kind of things you should do, well, that's hard for me to say, since I don't know Tyler or what he might like. If you're not feeling up to a discussion with him on the matter just yet, then I suggest trying some things out and trying to gauge his reaction. If he seems receptive to something, then keep doing it. If not, then maybe do it a few times and then let it drop. If he had liked it, he may comment on you not doing it anymore and then you'll know that he liked it and you can start doing it again. ;)

  4. Hey Grace big hugs thanks for stopping by :) ik a lot of what he likes so I'm working on that and I need to talk to him too...communication is the key I know lol