Friday, March 30, 2012

Today is our Wedding Anniversary

16yrs ago today I stood in front of friends and family saying "I Do" to Tyler.

We didnt know where the world was going to take us but we could conquer it together.

Well we have conquered it together. It may not have been the easiest roads. There were bumps, hills and even Mountains but were ok climbing it together. I was in love with him then but after 16yrs I think I'm more in love with him now then I was the day we said "I DO."

 I've grown to know His unconditional love. He has given me 3 wonderful children. I couldnt imagine life without him. I couldnt imagine living 16yrs with anyone else. I trust him with my life. I'm happy to have him on this journey of life with me. I cant wait to play with our grandchildren and grow old together.


  1. Congratulations May you enjoy many more happy years together.

  2. Congratulations on 16 years and happy anniversary.

  3. Congratulations Daisy and Tyler. Hope you had a wonderful day.

  4. Happy Anniversary. God Bless You Both, Belle L.

  5. Happy Anniversary! Wishing you many, many more!

  6. Happy Anniversary Daisy Girl! Hope you had a blessed weekend!