Friday, April 13, 2012

Working out the Kinks

Thanks to everyone for the anniversary wishes. We had a great night together on our anniversary all went great. I surprised Tyler with a school girl outfit and a heart shaped leather paddle. Lol i even had a sucker in my mouth.  We dont really practice much kink in bed but we are working on spicing up our sex life lol..

Anyway however Saturday he hurt my feelings so bad and humiliated me I was ready to sign divorce papers... Well not really but i for sure wanted to throw in the dd towel and forget it all. It took me about a week to get over.  I didnt get spanked for any of my additude through it all which was probably good.. Now we do have a submit through all things relationship and I do understand he will make mistakes but i dont know where my heart would've been in all that if i had gotten spanked.  I was going to post through it all but honestly i didnt feel like doing that and then I started a stretch of working in which i am now on day 10 of working and it looks like I wont get a day off till day 16 ugh.

Anyway we made it through the situation. It was more like silence for a few days and just kind of humble reaction i suppose. We talked about dd and what I desired and his worries. After our nice talk its been about a week and he's really stepped up. He has given me a no sweets rule which O MY is hard on me. He's followed through with a few short spankings.  You have to realize that I'm an awful eater. I work at a convinience store so I eat pizza and junk all day. A mounds bar is my bestfriend.. Ugh not eating chocolate is like taking away my life line lol.. He is really being strict about it.

Tonight I got a short hand spanking and my first corner time. The corner time made me want to cry more than the spanking. Now he has only given me a hand spanking 2 or 3x other than a quick warning swat. I think he new hand was best I needed that connection. He works 6am-4pm and I work 4pm -11pm so we get like 20 min in the morning and 20 or so at night if he can stay up.

Anyway we are growing in TTWD and its not always easy but our line of communication is more open and our love is stronger than its ever been. I know some day I will be saying "O My careful what you wish for lol"


  1. I'm real sorry that you had such a hard week and to add to it don't have any time together right now to get back on track as you'd like. It does sound like things are slowly moving in a good direction.

    Corner time Daisy! Ugh.

    Wishing you lots of whatever you need...little spankings and big hugs.

  2. Thank you Susie yes they are moving in a good direction....yes corner time is humbling and humiliating....hopefully it won't happen much lol

  3. Growing pains hurt don't they. We all have them, and I think that the stretches in between are all the better for it.

  4. Not happy you had corner time but I am glad that you posted your reaction to it. I have been trying to help MDK find other ways to discipline and when I mentioned corner time he wasn't sure if it could really do much. I am not submissive outside the bedroom so I am honestly not sure if it will work or not. Glad that you are moving back in the right direction and I'm happy to have found your blog.