Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I'm proud he's proud!!!

So 2yrs before  Tyler and i started TTWD our marriage was bad and I did alot of awful things. So As we rekindle our marriage I often wondered would i ever make him proud enough to brag about me again?

The answer is yes Yes I did.

So his co-worker was telling him how he hates his lunch everyday.
Tyler said "well have your wife pack something different."

Co-woker laughed and said "My wife doesnt pack my lunch':

Tyler said "Well mine does."

"She must not work then"

"yes and there is times that she doesnt get home till midnight but she still gets up at 5:30"

"Well my wife is all about womans lib or bla bla"

Tyler said "well my wife would rather be home taking care of the kids and I, She also often says Yes Sir and No Sir to  me"

Co-Worker replied "Well \how many times have you smacked her around?"

Tyler chuckled "I never have."

So as he's telling me this story i said "So did you tell him I just beat her butt on occasion to keep her in line?"

Tyler chuckled.

In that moment i realized he is proud of me and I am doing something right.

I'm still very happyt at this because there are times that I'm not sure if i'm making him happy or not but I guess I am!!!


  1. Bah! Of course you are making him happy and he is proud of you. I think the little things like making lunch and even having clean clothes in the drawer are a really big deal. They do appreciate it and while they don't say it all the time, I know that I too can tell. Good for you Daisy!

  2. Sweetie, I have one thing to say...you make EVERYONE happy!!

    Luv you little sis, my little dove. You are doing so well. I am so very proud of the progress you have made! You are growing by leaps and bounds.


  3. Daisy,

    I'm glad you are back. Thank you for your post on what has been going on in your life. I know I have been guilty of thinking cdd has stopped when we have gone through lulls. We can have "waves" of bad behavior but I have come to find we can have "waves" of life where it takes our entire focus to handle what is put before us.

    Susie let me know your were back and I look forward to reading you at least once a week.

    Thanks again, Lucy

  4. I know you feel great to know that he brags about you, I feel the same when my husband tells me the reactions he gets from those he talks to about me. It just makes me want to do more for him. Thanks for sharing.

  5. My husband tells me similar stories. He is soooo dying to tell how it all works, but he would never.
    It's so very nice when they're proud, isn't it? Makes all of our efforts worth it. :-)

  6. How nice that you are keeping him happy. That must make you feel very fulfilled.


  7. Hi Daisy, I'm new to your blog, but this touched a feeling. It IS so nice when he is happy and proud. Sharing that his wife is willing and loves him to do this - already a full plate but taking on another task because you know it will bring him a good meal and a sense of your love for him. I look forward to reading your older posts so I can get to meet you.

    Love, Isabella