Monday, March 12, 2012

Battle of The paddle


Well most of the time I'm compliant when it comes to a spanking however there are those times that I'm mad and I dont want a spanking. Well this paticular Saturday I was frustrated.

We dont argue alot since dd but when we do it can get ugly. Mostly my mouth runs and he doesnt always put me otk like he should. Often times the arguments end in him leaving to cool off or me going to sleep. 

This situation happened about a month ago but its still in my head it was very much a good stepping stone for us.

My weekend started off with me working till 11pm Friday night and having to be back at work at 4am Saturday morning.  I didnt go to sleep because I figured i wouldnt wake up. So when i got off work at 1pm on saturday the house was empty and I took a nap.  I was then woke up by my oldest child wanting to go to my moms. Tyler was home at this time and laying in bed beside me.  I told the oldest i was tired ( my mom lives 40 min away)  well being a teenager and not getting his way he stomped off with attitude. Tyler started yelling. My son was mad then Tyler was mad and now I'm irritated.  Being the bright and wise woman I am I butt in and tell them both to just stop it.

OK did I say bright? Yeah maybe not so much.  Tyler told me I needed to watch myself and I proceeded to get up and the kids and i left to go to my moms.  well my daughter ended up staying at my moms and when I got home the  boys left. Tyler and I were talking about earlier issues and I may have gotten a little mouthy ()atleast he said so.  He gets up and says he's tired of this. Well i'm used to him saying that and leaving to cool off.  So i said "Fine just walk out then."

Wrong thing to say  It turns out he wasnt leaving the room. He was grabbing the padddle. Wrong thing for me to say at that given time.

He grabbed the paddle

 I said "NO NO I'm sorry.

"To Late were gonna take care of this".

 The first wack was wayy to much.

"Your swatting harder than  normal"   I moved

"Daisy we will start over every time  you move!!"

"Please use your hand." I begged as I moved and he continued to start over and over  

Well this went on about 5 times;. A few swats and I couldnt take it. I continued to beg for his hand. Finally he got me pinned on the bed and went to town. He was talking about something like I needed to learn discipline in every sense of the word .When he was done i was very sorry and submissive..  He made me stay in that position for about 30 min then i went to sleep..

We talked a few weeks later about the spanking. I Felt he finally took me to that level. He chipped away some of my sassiness and brought out more submission. It was the first time I was really crying after a spanking. It deffinantly showed me who was in charge and that in fact is NOT me!!

Now we did make up a few days later.  or should i say we reconnected because once i'm spanked its all forgiven!!!


  1. Daisy, I know exactly what you mean about the paddle. It is so amazing how much more it hurts than the hand. My husband can really swat me hard with the palm of his hand, and it is nothing compared to just a tap of the paddle. I have also asked my husband, please use your hand first. He did but it didn't help much, just delayed it a little longer. God Bless You and Yours, Belle L

  2. I rarely get a hand spanking... The hand is used for warning swats and good girl spankings :)

  3. I really don't like these intense...we will stay and make a point...sort of spankings but it seems like they need to happen from time to time. They sort out a whole bunch of things.

  4. Hi Daisy, Susie put a nice shout-out for you on her blog. Welcome back and happy blogging!

  5. Welcome back!

    I'm familiar with the battle of the paddle but I know better than to tell him what to I have learned this the hard way!

    Glad you are blogging again.