Friday, March 23, 2012

Confucius say "What???"

Ok this is probably the most confusion week of my dd life.. My last post was on how proud Tyler was of me and hes been telling me I been doing good but,
"But what??, you like my butt?"

"Daisy you are going back to what you used to be the last 3 months  you have not been very submissive."

"How can you say that? Just last week you said you were proud of me and I was doing good and now you tell me for 3 months I been bad? You say your not happy? this makes no sense to me at ALL!!!"

"You just do whatever you want at times and I'm not saying its all bad its just you. you dont rub my feet anymore. Your texting more . you dont set close to me anymore."

"Well why do you wait 3 months to tell me this. It isnt fair you cant wait that long and decide things arent ok."

":See theres the problem I can do what I want I'm in charge remember."

"Yes Sir but"

"No buts Daisy you need to straighten up NOW!!"

"I know I been depressed."

"Well now its time to pick your self up and starting acting right. I'm done with your laying around and moping. you have responsibilities to do and I will NOT go back to the way it was before."

"Yes Sir."


You know sometimes I feel like I'm hitting my head up against a brick wall. I dont understand his thinking but heres the funny thing. i probably should've blogged on Tuesday like a friend told me to because as I was writing that out it all made sense to me.

Its soo easy to get into the flow of life and leave the spouse behind.  Tyler and I both work 40 hrs a week. he has more of a 9-5 job where my job can be 4pm to 11pm or 4 am to 11 am or 4 am to 8 or 9 pm... I'm sldo a manger and I'm large and in charge lol.. Plus we have 3 kids that are each usually playing one or 2 sports and none of them are driving yet.

When I'm not a dominant woman and never could be a dom I am a strong willed and independent.. I like to call myself a free bird

when Tyler is inconsistant i start flying farther and farther from the nest until i'm lost and then we have a "Battle Of The Paddle" and he brings me back..

For instance Monday night I got 5 swats with an eraser thing thats like a snake.. You ask "Why did he use that?" Well because its quiet and it was handy lol.. Those 5 swats however lasted a few days.. However he told me Monday night that we were far from done that I needed to learn submission.. He said I cant even stay still and quiet for a spanking.

"Well buster let me spank you and see if you can stay quiet or still". Ok ok I didnt say that outloud..

Anyway I texted him Tuesday morning and told him if he wanted to finish up the spanking tuesday night i would stay quiet and take the spanking. Tuesday came we talked and thats when all the verbs exploded but no spanking. Today is Friday and well No spanking....

He says if I really wanted this dd lifestyle that I would just do it. I do want it but i want his help and sometimes its not there. It feels that hes lazy. hes not a lazy man but in the area of leading he wants me to always do what I'm supposed to and not ever be mouthy and the same for the kids so that he doesnt have to work at it.  Now I'm not bashing him this is just how I feel.

Anyway back to the problem at hand.  My heart is in dd but my heart is also fight or flight. I'm sooo used to taking care of myself. I am the youngest of 6 kids so my parents were older and tired when I came around. i never had consequences and i pretty much took care of them and me. When Tyler and I first got married (Centuries ago it seems) lol I was very clingy and submissive and dependent and he didnt like that. So he changed me

His dad Said "Son quit trying to change her you will be sorry."   If Tyler never listened to anything his dad ever said that should've been the ONE thing he listened to.

Really what i want is for Tyler  to take care of me. NOW I'm not saying Tyler doesnt take care of me he does but maybe I wanna be lazy and let him do all the work!!! OK OK I said it I'm tired of feeling like i do everything. I wanna fall backwards into his arms and let him carry me for a while. He doesnt understand or beleive this. I think he really wants it too and doesnt realize it. He always says he doesnt wanna micro manage me but he does. That is fine but Its more confusion.  One minute he says he doesnt wanna micromanage me just let him know what I'm doing after work etc. next minute he wants me to ask him permission to do everything. I try and ask but i forget.. A friend just ask me "Did you ask Tyler if you could blog?"  "GRRR "No but I had my day planned."

Ooops see I'm just a free bird!!!!    

TO be continued......................................................


  1. Daisy, I feel like I could have written this myself. You've put into words exactly some of the emotions I've felt myself and didn't know how to verbalize. Hang in there, girl. We'll both make it. :)

  2. Yes we will make it through...I never thought I could understand it the way I did when I started writing its crazy how it all flew out.....anyway therez more to comes as I figure this out lol

  3. Well darlin, since I know you both, I have to say I think Tyler needs to step up here. He needs to set consistent rules. He needs to be consistent with discipline. He needs to help you out with the house and the kids.

    He is wearing you down and I don't like it. Can't have your cake and eat it to. It may be a DD marriage, but it's still a marriage. You guys have to be in it together or it just doesn't work. It can't be all about him and what he wants. It needs to be a mutually agreed upon DD lifestyle or there will be mutually assured distruction! It will be in your marriage.

    I don't know how to help you here. I think you are being treated like a doormat.

    I still luv you though.

    Hugs, Kelly

  4. The ebb and flow must be hard for you Daisy. Would he be willing to read this and get a better sense of what you are feeling? It certainly made sense to me!

    I do understand that husbands want submissive wives without them needing to always hand out consequences. I think that most of the time what we really need from them isn't that so much as consistent leadership that does't do that ebb and flow deal. It can change as they see fit but at its root it stays firm and strong. It gives both parties confidence and I know it is hard, hard work for both as well.

  5. It's good to see you back and blogging. I agree it could be good for him to read this. You expressed it so well, and men are pretty lousy mind readers (mine only does it when I do NOT want him to!)

    It seems like psychological torture to me if you never know what you will be held accountable for.

    Read this to him, and then ask him to tell you in his own words what you are trying to say.

    My husband wrote about consistency once on my blog. He doesn't like to write much on there but he feels really strongly about it. If you want to share it with Tyler, it's called My Husband Speaks: An Interview.

  6. Kelly ....... I feel things are ok I just get in a rut because I feel like sometimes head not seeing what I do but ik hes juat trying to make me better ... Luv ya girly

    Susie yes the inconsitancy drives me crazy but ive tried talking to him ita best left alone...

    Stormy....thanks its good to be not ready to share just yet with him...he knows I have a blog but doesn't care to read it