Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My first memory of you is funny as was the rest of our life.
I dropped you on your head but did not pick you up. Back then we were 5
When we were in our 20's if I ever dropped you on your head I would have picked you up
You picked me up so many times. I would like to think I did the same. My memories of you are fond
and sweet. You told me once if you ever wanted the truth you would ask me. Thats what you loved the most about me. We always said "People either love me or hate me." You said you would always love me. I will always love you.  I feel sad at the times we didn't meet up over the past few years or the times you called and I was too depressed. I'm not dwelling on those times because I know you forgave me. I know you understood. We have wonderful years of memories of Christmas and birthdays with just our little families. We always made it special. Just the hubs and the kids. We have many years of serious and fun talks. I cherish the years that you were a big part of my life. I cherish you taking care of the kids like they were your own. Snuggling with my son who missed his mommy while I was having my little girl.  The times I'm dwelling on is when you made me feel so special.

I saved all your text to my phone. The last text from you is my favorite because it quotes our friendship our love.

Me: Hey you I miss you
You: Sorry I have a  new phone and do not have all my contacts in , who is this please?

Me" Lol should I give you a hint? Lets see I love you to death, our moms were cousins and bfs and so are we :)

You: Whats Up girl I miss you too and you know it!! How have you been?

Thats my fav part "AND you know it!!"   We loved to say "You know I know , I know You know I love you!!!

I love you forever girl to the end of the earth and back. Tomorrow I lay you to rest and it will be so real. More real than I want. I think right now its nice to think your home and I'm home and your a phone call away.  The truth is I can't pick up the phone when I'm missing you. I guess though I can just talk to you right there. I know you are watching me and I'm sure shaking your head a time or 2!!  Hey now you know my one secret I never got around to telling you!!

I'm not mad at you for dying. I know you are in a better place. The last few years of your life have been rough but now your healthy and happy!!  Give your mom a big huge hug for me, give my grandma a big hug, Tell my grandpa I miss him sooo much and tell him all about my kids!!

I love you girl now you can watch over all of our kids at once!!  Send me little secrets about the kids ok?

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