Sunday, September 15, 2013

This Girl Is on Fire

Saturday was our middle childs (youngest sons) 14th b-day  and he really wanted a desktop.

I found him one on craigslist and was soo excited because I knew he would be happy. Friday night while he was at a football game I brought it home and was trying to set it up.
Tyler was sitting on the chair eating and watching tv. I was having troubles moving some stuff so I was getting frustrated that he wasn't helping. No I did not ask for help and I know how can I expect him to know I need help? Well he just should OK!!

I got it all plugged in and it wouldn't turn on. Well Tyler comes over to help and I'm getting so beyond frustrated!! He said the monitor wasn't plugged in and I knew that. It didn't matter that the monitor wasn't plugged in. THE TOWER WAS NOT COMING ON!!!

Especially If your a spanked wife!!!

I was getting super frustrated because he was asking dumb questions and he's concerned with the monitor not being plugged in when once again IT DOES NOT MATTER why? BEACAUSE THE TOWER WONT TURN ON!!!
Tyler has a computer cord  in his hand trying to help me figure it out. There were no kids in the house and guess what??
Yup I blew up. See above where I'm screaming that "IT DOESN'T MATTER THAT THE MONITOR IS NOT PLUGGED IN" Yeah well I think it came out something like that when I said it outloud to Tyler

I was sitting on the floor and Guess what?? Yes you guessed it!!

 I was no longer sitting on the floor but i was pushed over and  laying face down on the floor in seconds flopping around like a fish out of water!! All dignity GONE!! It really was a sight I'm sure!!

Those darn cords hurt!! A friend asked me what he said during the spanking and the only thing I heard was "MOVE YOUR HAND!!" I do remember when he was done he said "You will NOT talk to me like that!!"


I have never put my hand back before. I haven't had a spanking that bad in a long time!! This might have been the worse spanking I have gotten.
When it was done I was mad and laying on the floor crying and breathing hard. I got up and ran upstairs because I was worried a kid would come in and see me laying on the floor a blubbering mess.  I took a few minutes and calmed down. It was amazing how I felt so relaxed when I came back down. I felt like a new me!!

I'm soo glad he took care of that instead of letting my attitude get worse and us get into an argument. My butts still sore and I think it will be for a few days but I am a happy, content girl!!


    For some odd reason the outlet I was using wasn't working anymore and it just worked a day ago!!
So yes the computer is working and he was super excited!!


  1. Hi Daisy,

    I can understand your frustration and blowing up. Sorry the spanking was so hard, but glad he stepped up and that the spanking relieved you of your frustration and reset you. Isn't it amazing what a spanking can do?

    Glad you got the computer sorted and that your son was happy too.


    1. Yes I'm totally glad he stepped up too..thank you ..

      yes its amazing how a spanking helps :)

  2. Sorry the spanking happened like that...but I see the greatness of how he stepped up and stopped your attitude. "All better now!" :)

    1. Yes I'm so glad he stepped in..a lot of times he doesn't then things get ugly

  3. Is the outlet attached to a switch that turns on something else. Sometimes that's why you think it's not working but it is just because the wall switch is in the off position.

    Sorry for the soreness but glad you are a happy girl.

    1. No its not and we checked the breaker ..who knows what happened

  4. Ouch!!! Our sons share the same Birthday! Happy birthday Mom! :)


  5. Hey Daisy did you get my seems to have disappeared.

    1. No sorry I don't think I did..I dont think I deleted it ...