Friday, September 13, 2013

Catching Up with some fun talk

Well I guess were all caught up!!

Haha I'm Just kidding, If you know me I'm never loss for words!!  I saw that and thought it was funny so here is the regular scheduled program:

I should write 2 post but, I will just write this one for now lol.

I'm going to tell you the conversation I had with my friend Paige the other day.

I have told Paige about blogs that I read. I never went into detail about TTWD . I never told her about DD or anything but she is NOT vanilla lol.  We had talked about  D/s, M/s.  When 50 Shades of Grey was out and everyone talked about it Paige and I were talking to my niece (19) and her boyfriend about it and they had no clue about canes, or any of it for that matter.  Paige and I both laughed at them and  said "You guys are so vanilla." At the same time!!

Ok on with the story. So the other day she came to see me and said "Do you know any clubs hat have BDSM Play?"

I replied back quickly "I don't know but I wish I did!!"

"You been thinking about this haven't you?"

"Well Umm Yeah "  We both laughed


Well so one thing lead to another and I was ready to let her into my little life here!!. Well ok slowly,

 I said "Ok You can read, OO Wait no you can't ."   I would hand her the laptop and take it back. Anyway I finally said "Ok you can read this." I handed her back the laptop and let her read the poem I wrote The Submissive Her.  

I looked over at her "What are you doing? Only read that?"

She laughed  "I am,  I promise I'm just scrolling down so I can read it."

The next time she was scrolling the page up I looked at her she laughed again. "I'm just scrolling down to read.see look"  We both laughed and every time she scrolled she would say "Just scrolling"

I was so nervous it was a huge step to let her in.

When she finished she smiled "I really like that its good."

Now I was ready to let her in. I put the laptop on the first post I made on the blog and handed her the laptop "Ok you can start reading here." Then I covered my face.

She kept on reading  I had to drag her off so we could go to the store. We had a great talk the rest of the night. She said that maybe if her and her ex-husband did this then they would still be married. There was alot of power struggle there.  She was excited and asking questions. Her bf is very vanilla so its gonna be a hard road for her lol.. We both felt like this took our friendship to an even stronger level. We didn't think it could get any stronger.

So it's really cool to share that with her. I had been wanting to for a long time. I knew she would be ok with it but its scarey and a little awkward. 

She told me yesterday "We are going to have soo much fun!!"

O boy I'm pretty sure she's gonna get me in all sorts of trouble lol!!


  1. can't wait to hear about the trouble.

  2. Beware of trouble for it will make it difficult to sit. ;)

    1. Lol thanks for the. heads up... be careful I don't drag you in ;) lol

  3. Hi Daisy,

    I love the new look and the cartoon cracked me up ... too true!

    I'm so happy for you. It must be so great to be able to share with a RL friend who gets it. I can definitely see trouble brewing :)


    1. Thanks Roz I figured after 3 yrs it was time to change it looked to sweet and innocent lol..

      I told one other friend but didn't share my blog..the truth is I could probably tell most of my close friends ..we are all pretty like minded lol

  4. How exciting for you! I WISH I could share my new life with my closest friends. That's not going to happen anything soon....but how wonderful for you and for your friend. :) have fun and make sure it's with the fun getting into trouble.

    1. Yes I know its probably hard keeping this from the one friend you share everything with.. I know it was bugging me ...glad its behind us..I will for sure make sure the trouble is worth it

  5. You're a brave woman. Many of my vanilla friends know about my writing and my love of TTWD, but I would never knowingly allow them to read my blog. I've sent them several post I've written and some stories. I've only had positive feel back from them, but I think over the years I've used my blog too much like an online diary.

    I think your friends sounds like someone who can handle it pretty well and I imagine you two will have tons of fun.

    1. I always wondered if they knew because you said they know about the book . I also noticed you made a comment on your new blog about spanking...

      yes she was very excited and can't wait to learn more about TTWD and get into scenes

  6. Oh, you definitely will be getting each other in trouble.

    1. lol good thing you don't live closer :) lol well I don't know where you live maybe you are my neighbor lol