Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What writing those lines did for me

Sorry its been crazy around here. I been sick for 2 months and I cant shake it!!!  So before I post any disciplines I want to let you guys know how writing the lines went.

Well so Tyler tells me I have 2 days to write the lines.. Well to me that means write them any time  here and there as long as their done on time!!!  WRONG!!! That meant pick a time no tv, no internet, no texting and sit down and write 250 lines!!! 

Ok so i did this. I thought it was gonna be annoying and just irritate me but it wasn't.  As i was writing the lines i sort of wanted to cry because the lesson was getting to me. Really when i was done it worked just as good as most spankings... I felt the same relief and stayed out of trouble.. It was also very humbling that I did what he told me to do without spanking me and I was happy to tell him when they were done :)

I don't recommend writing lines often but occasionally i think it works fine.

now I've had to write lines again but that was with a spanking too.. I will blog about that soon..


  1. I'm glad it helped you process. Did you consider using ditto marks after writing the first sentence?

  2. O Mick thanks for the idea lol... There was and in the sentence so for the first 10 i put &... I decided i should probably change it... O Good thing i did.. He saw the first page had & in it.. He said you didnt write and? I said keep reading I did!!!