Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What? What? Are you serious???

What did you say? I have to what?  Write what?? Are you serious?  Yup 250 of them!!! by 3pm Wednesday

This is was the conversation we had as we laid in bed last night. I was telling him how i was sorry i hadn't been acting right the last couple of weeks. I was hoping we could take care of things Monday and he was gonna be gone.

He said "that's fine you can write 250 sentences."

"I can write what??"

"You heard me" as he chuckled

"Are you serious?"

"Yup" out comes another chuckle. "No typing them on the computer or copy pasting either!!!"

 We then both laughed then.. O what a funny man!!

Maybe he was right I was taking advantage of his kindness because he knows how sick I've been and He has chosen not to spank me but the last couple weeks have been horrible.!!!

I had been arguing and arguing over everything. We had a blizzard and I was stranded with my friend, her 3 kids my 3 kids, Tyler and the dog!!! Plus I been battling a Sinus infection and cold that is kicking my butt!!!

I will just give you an example of one of my ridiculous arguments.

 I asked Tyler "Where ya going?"  .

"Going out to shovel the snow"  He replied

"I Already did." I declared

"I just looked out the window, I cant get straight in the drive."

"Yes you can I just spent 20 min out there and my van is just crooked." I Huffed

"Come here let me show you." He said annoyed

We walked up the stairs and into my room.. Ladies its  never smart to put yourself in a room alone with your hubby.,and  continue arguing after you have been arguing for a week and you been sick and he hasn't wanted to spank you..

I'm looking out the window still protesting that the snow is fine he can get in and my van is crooked. I hear the door shut and him quickly come over. I new i was in for it. He grabs my arm giving me warning swats over my pants ..

I reprieved. "OK OK fine it needs shoveled more!!!''

You ask why was I arguing over snow?? I don't know I guess I was annoyed that I was trying to do something nice and that was the second time it didn't work out. The first time was over tarter sauce!!! "Don't ask!!!

Well I'm feeling better but not completely!!! I've never been sick this long. He still feels I'm to sick to spank sooo That's where the sentences come in!!!

I'm on sentence #8!!! and I'm not happy!!!  JUST SPANK ME ALREADY!!!

Bottom line is I will write these sentences because I will submit ... besides I'm pretty sure If I don't write these sentences I will be After my bottom is sore.. So then I'd have a sore bottom and a sore hand!!!    I wonder if its just something to see if I will submit and respect whatever he says?

Well whatever it is he's good in his HOH roll and I wont be topping from the bottom so I must be off to write these  sentences


  1. I haven't tried making Lynda write lines yet.

    Happy writing!

  2. I'm thinking I might prefer a spanking over writing sentences. Luckily, that is not a punishment here. I don't think I'll show this post to my hubby. :)

  3. My hand is cramping for you.
    Good Luck!

  4. Ohhh I can fully understand your frustration here! Being sick has put me in a mood too! I haven't had to write sentences yet.. I'm not about to give my hubby anymore ideas!

    Good luck!

  5. Mick, You might try it after my next post tomorrow about my sentence writing..

    Courtney I think the sentences were just like a spanking. A mental spanking.. There really is not a big difference. Wait till you read my next post

    Thanks Monica Yes my hand did cramp!!!

  6. I'd hate that! I had to sign papers for both of us at the bank one day. It was an hour and a half of straight signing. I protested so much, because I had a dent in my finger. I didn't stop complaining until threatened with a spanking. I hope he never hears about writing lines...he'd make me.

  7. audra and stormy it really was theraputic

  8. Hi Daisy

    I feel for you. My husband, J, has required that I write lines many times, and I hate it. Holy crap, don't we feel ridiculous sitting there like a schoolgirl writing sentences till our hand aches and we just want to cry, scream, or both. I know, it sucks, and if this is your first time, it's a tough punishment to get through.
    try not to get too frustrated. J made me do up to like 500 one time...took me days...then he leafed through them, making sure i did every one without error, and tore them to shreds. Ugh. Sometimes he makes me write in cursive and thats really the pits. I hope, at the very least, you are allowed to print.

    Hugs and best of luck..
    Jenn (Loved and Led)

  9. Your blog is adorable. I love the name 'Daisy'. I am always on the look out for an interesting name because once I have a name then I have a character for a story. I'd forgotten about Daisy (Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do. I'm half crazy over my love for you...).

    I love the concept of writing lines. I find it a very arousing concept. I have been asked to write them a few times and I just *loved* it. Have fun with it!