Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Texting and Driving and Topping from the Bottom

Tyler made a rule 3 months ago no texting and driving and I'm to confess if I do.. Well I have only had to tell on myself 2x.. The first time I told on myself wasn't so bad but the second time I new I was in for it..

Well I don't normally get long spankings but I new this one had to be firm enough to hold my attention for a while other wise I would continue to text and drive and continue to have to tell on myself grrr.. Well I don't want to go into details but accidently i went to lengths to top from the bottom. I have worked very hard to NOT top from the bottom.. I say accident because I really didn't mean it and i didn't realize I was going to lengths until the lesson was learned!!!

Well let me just tell you when Tyler found out I was trying to top from the bottom it was not pretty.  Lets just say that I got a BIG Lesson with the belt that I'm to NEVER try topping from the bottom accident or NOT!!!  I also got a BIG lesson on NO texting and driving!!!  So a LONG lengthy lesson with the belt is still in my head even after 2 weeks!!! YIKES!!!

Lesson Learned and NO i have NOT text and drove!!! :)


  1. Ugh. We have that same rule, no texting and driving. I've only had to tell on myself once and I got the loopy johnny ... OUCH! sounds like your lesson wasn't any easier. I struggled a lot in the beginning with topping from the bottom but have gotten much better at that. Good for you (and him!) for being able to recognize it and correct it :)

  2. I gotta admit, the first time you told me about your texting and driving habit, It made me worry. I'm glad he got your attention on this (I've found that the belt is usually a good attention getter). As for topping from the bottom... Girl, you could have just asked me! I could have told you that that's not appreciated at all! I'm a witness!

  3. Yeah, that trying to direct while in the position just never works out well. When Lynda tries, we usually have a 'pop' quiz as to who's in charge.

    I hope you're feeling better.

  4. I'm glad we don't have that rule..I don't think he has thought of it since he doesn't text. It would be so hard to tell on myself! I'd never be able to do it, I'm such a baby.

  5. Heather Ouch is right.. I was doing soo good with not topping from the bottom..

    SugarAnne.... Well you dont have to worry anymore and thanks for warning a girl about topping from the bottom lol

    Mick... This was more like an "ASSessment" test!!! no Pop quiz lol

    Stormy... I new the rule was coming and I was so hoping it wouldnt... but I do get to check text at stoplights or stop signs so thats a plus.. I still get to talk on it while driving too..