Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Split personality defeated

Ok I'm not sure who was in my body or at my house last week but I'm almost positive it wasn't me!!! I'm convinced I have a split personality OO wait I do its my Evil twin.!!!

So last week was probably our worse week ever.. It started probably Sunday and it really didn't stop till Thursday... Well i new going into last week i needed a reminder because I could feel me falling. I know hubby could too and It was Spring Break.. But I don't have to get my butt beat twice to know I don't top from the bottom or tell my hubby when to spank me..

Well somewhere between stop and go and HOLY CRAP all hell broke loose!!!

So the younger 2 kids are gone and our oldest is out playing basketball. We rolled out of bed around 10 and from the moment I got up I was mad, hurt and upset about the argument the night before...

Now normally when I'm to be spanked i'm very compliant as I'm usually naturally submissive (Hubby says so too).. Not today.

I went into talk to Tyler about some issues the same issues we were talking about the night before.. Yes you guessed it men he was done talking but woman I know you know I wasn't !!!

So i'm talking and he gets annoyed and I keep talking then he gets even more annoyed and you guessed by the time i was done talking we were both mad. I marched right thrue the warnings and the looks and the louder warnings and the meaner looks.. I marched right into the troops. When i was done talking I sat my smart mouth down in the chair after throwing out a word (a word that I honestly cannot remember).. I sat my happy but down at the computer and had the final word or did I??

Next thing I know here comes Tyler grabbing my arm yanking me out of the chair.

Tyler  "Come On now I'm done"

Me "No we cant your mad"

At this point hes dragging me up the stairs

Me "ok ok were both mad just stop."

Tyler wasn't saying a word he puts me in front of the bed where I normally take down my own pants and panties.. I wasn't today and I think he new that because before I could decide If i wanted to take them down myself or not they came down in a hurry. With a light tap I was bent over.

Tyler "Is this what you wanted?" As he lay into me with the backscratcher in which I couldn't feel a thing.

I turned and looked at him just moving my body not standing up. "No I'm mad at you"

Tyler "get in position" As he pulls me back and continues to smack

Me "No i'm hurt you hurt me and your not listening"

Tyler "I was listening you were not and you still aren't" As he picks up the pace.

Finally i realize my defeat and start laying there and realizing "O crap this hurts"

We didn't have much time so when he saw the shift in my body that i at least started relaxing he was done.

He walked in the bathroom and I stood up and walked downstairs.. Normally i lay there but I think I was embarrassed, Ashamed, still some hurt and mad.  He then comes down telling me everything I needed to do and I listened.

It took a couple days for my evil twin to pack up and move on.. My raging hormones kicked in somewhere and they were off like a vengeance.. But all is well for now until the next time!!!


  1. Awe Daisy,

    I can completely relate to the whole "he's finished talking, but I'm juuusstt getting started" routine! I hate leaving that kind of stuff unsettled. Closure!!!

    I've read a book that I love that talks about that, too. Stormie's mentioned it in her blog, too.

    Anyway, I'm glad you're feeling better ;).


  2. Man, we had a big argument last weekend. Problem is with Dutch. When he's that mad, he won't spank. He thinks about it and then feel if he starts spanking me, he may not stop. He does have an anger button that is hard to control if it gets that high, so I can see why he doesn't want to then. He really might do damage. I wish he could just keep control and do what yours did...just enough to bring you down.

    Glad you are balanced again.

  3. Oh boy, if you only knew how many times I have said "no! You are too mad!" when he pulls me over. He usually says "I'm mad but not too mad!" Eeek.

    A few weeks ago I thought I'd lost my mind, because I couldn't go two days without a spanking..plus I was mad and fighting him too. Of course he won. And I finally got the message and put away the evil twin. Who I call the evil angel because she sits on my shoulder..lol.

    Anyway, I know how that goes. It's no fun so I'm glad you are done (for now) :)

  4. Um, it sounds like you participated in an exercise called, "who's in charge?" it wasn't pretty or sweet but maybe it was necessary? It's during the busy, messy times that ttwd can be very important. It this was a test, you both passed.

  5. I hate it when my evil twin visits. I'm never sure where she comes from or how long she'll stay. :-)

  6. My husband has no issue spanking mad at all, he is thankfully always in control though. I hate fights like that, they are hard. I am glad things are worked out. Galway

  7. Hey guys sorry it took so long for me to comment. I cant from my phone anymore so i have to get on a pc.

    Ella: I wish i had a sock in my mouth when i'm not done lol

    Cedeno: I was surprised he had spanked when he was mad but i could tell with the swats that he was being lighter than normal so that he was careful and the implement he used because normally i get the belt or nasty paddle when kids arent around..

    Stormy: I totally have days where I just cant seem to do it right but this was a week lol...

    Mick: Yes I believe we did pass and i believe I do know very clearly whos in charge.

    Courtney: Maybe we should send our evil twins far away together with no return ticket!! lol

    Gal: I'm glad he did it I'm normally not so aggresive and i always usually know who is in charge but sadly when he gets into a depressive state for a weekend or week because of being laid off I take advantage "Sigh" not my good side