Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Our 15th Wedding Anniversary

So 15yrs ago today a little 17yr old girl walked down the aisle and said her I do's with no idea where that was gonna take her..

We quickly jumped into our own home and a baby all with in 6months!!! 2yrs later we packed up and moved 800 miles away from what we will always call home. a yr later we welcomed another bouncy baby boy and we kept on trucking 4yrs after that our princess came along.. We then made another move from the City to the country that was fun.. Then after 13yrs when the kids were getting older and the world seemed to stop spinning we realized we didnt know eachother and I wasnt certain that I loved this man..  For 2yrs he fought for me to stay, i fought for him to stay, then I gave up and he never did... I then was running a muck and Life slapped me in the face and I new I needed spanked... So thus we started TTWD

I struggled with knowing for years if I truly loved Tyler or not. I had the excuse I was so young how did I know what love was..  Well let me tell you after we got things right and I found my place I do love him. I always have loved him and always will...

Not many young couples can say we have never had to live with anyone, sure we have had help with money from time to time but we dont owe anyone any money its all paid off.. (Well when i say that I dont mean the doctors lol.. O we still owe them and I'm sure always will rofl!!!) We have struggled and had good times.. I wouldn't  change a thing well maybe a few and I would start with myself..  I'm sure if we started over Tyler would be putting me OTK on our honeymoon and let me know who rules the roost!!! "Who DA BOSS!!" ya know all that!!

Anyway you say "Would I do it all over again?"  You bet your bottom I would!! Hehe    I could never ever find a man so inlove with his wife and kids like I have found.. We are all he has and wants and thats the way I want it..

But instead of thinking of today as our 15th wedding anniversary I would like to think of today as our 6months wedding anniversary  doing it right ....  So on this wedding night I'm sure that Tyler will be putting me OTK and letting me know "WHO'S DA BOSS"!!!

Heres to 15 more plus 15 plus 15 more and well you get it!!!!


  1. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!

  2. Oh Happy Anniversary on both accounts!! That i awesome that you made that progression. Good for you for finding a way.

    Now go have fun!

  3. Thanks everyone!!! We had a great day and So thankful for all of you to share our journey with!!

  4. congratulations...a great milestone! abby

  5. Sorry I missed this. Wishing you a belated congrats! Sara

  6. Congratulations on both anniversaries!