Wednesday, January 26, 2011


My fellow spanko blogger friend Stormy got me thinking.  I know it doesn't happen often lol

Anyway I never thought I really had walls but I did. I would say it was over 20ft tall. This is how it happened

Tyler actually had the walls when we first got married. I tried so hard to break it down. Here i was 18 married, had a baby I had everything I wanted but laying next to me was a brick wall and there was my love on the other side. I tried a chisel I tried a hammer. One day i thought about trying a bulldozer but I decided that was to much work so I just thought "Well he has walls I will put one up to." So i did as I'm building my wall quickly because I have to catch up with him he then started chiseling his away slowly.. Over the years he finally took his down but by that time mine was 20ft tall. He would try hammering it down and I would be like Whatever and put a few more bricks on. He had hurt me pushed me down enough..I was a stubborn, hot headed independent girl by this time he wasn't taking my wall down. Well over time I couldn't live on this side of my wall anymore and I decided that it was time for that bulldozer so I tore my wall down. Guess what His was back up but not that tall luckily and with the help of "tweed" its almost gone. I like this side of my wall. Its not so bad after all.

So my fellow spanko ladies and  gents tear down your walls or your spouses walls. Get that bulldozer out and say lets goo!! Its time to prance on this side of our walls put the walls to the world not between your spouse and enjoy life!!!



  1. ummm no problem maybe i think lol... I'm so sorry sugaranne!!

  2. Those blasted WALLS!! They get me into more trouble than anything else.

  3. Well, I'm honored. But doesn't a spanko mean I like it? I wish I did! Then I could keep my walls No, I know walls are destructive for a couple to have between them. I wish they weren't so darn easy to construct though...

  4. Those pesky walls! I've also found that they are self repairing. You think they're down, ignore them for a minute and they will build themselves right back. Keeping them down takes work! Good luck.


  5. Well, okay, I'm here.

    First you whine that I haven't visited you, and then you tell me not to try to catch up.

    You can't have it both ways so here I am :).

    This post reminds me of Robert Frosts poem that says, "Something there is that doesn't love a wall...."

    We don't like them but we all tend to make them, then work to pull them down.

  6. PS, You're right of course. I totally missed your blog. I've got you on my reader now.

  7. hey Mick fancy meeting you here lol!!!

    glad u found it