Friday, January 21, 2011

Wow!!! Was NOT ExpectingThis

"Daisy I need to talk to you a min. NOW!!" Tyler yelled down from our bedroom

Those words shuddered thrue me as I am on the phone with a friend. i quickly said goodbye and slowly walked upstairs.. I new i had done something but couldnt figure out what.  Tyler had just gotten home from school and I was being my natural Angel self lol!!! getting everyone dinner.. He had never called me up to the room. Normally discipline is saved more maintenance days.  HMMM  in the short 4 months i guess he's got this.

So i enter the bedroom as he closes and locks the door behind me. OO there it is the dreaded quiet implement the devil itself  "The BLIND ROD"  my stomache sank lower to the ground as i take a big gulp. "Daisy sit down" Tyler said as he points to the bed. As I sit down on the bed he picks up the blind rod. He asked me "How long is D supposed to go to the library to play on the computer for?" I quietly replied gulping "3 hrs." 

You have to understand what is going thrue my head. I've never been in a position where I wanted to beg him not to spank me. usually every thing is brought up in the open in maintenance and i really dont have a choice as I'm bare bottomed already.

Ok so back to the lecture "So Daisy what made you think it was ok for him to go back to the library? I made a rule of 3 hrs only." Tyler looks at me unpleased.   I said "Well I um thought he had a 5 hr break and I umm thought since he had a 5 hr break that it would be ok." 

" I made a rule and the rule was 3 hrs on the computer a day!!! NOT take a 5hr break. Is that understood?"

"Yes" OO My mind was going 90 miles an hour is he gonna spank me right here and not wait?

"Are you sure you understand 3 hours a day only??"

"Yes Sir"

"OK then this is your warning the next time we will not have this conversation. Instead I will be having a butt mind conversation. UNDERSTOOD!!!??"

""Yes Sir" 

"Ok were done here."

Phew, OK so when i let D go to the library, I sorta wondered if I would get a spanking for it. but I was more thinking of my SANITY!!!. the kids have been out of school for snow and well the FIGHTING!!!.. So had Tyler Spanked me yes It would have been warranted. but this is a new rule. Soo I now know 3hrs!!!

So anyway were just putting along well with TTWD!!! 

I will NOT be reading or giving Tyler anymore ideas THANK YOU !!!


  1. Daisy,
    I hate those unexpected sessions where we find out that our unilateral decisions were not only unappreciated, but put our butt in direct danger. I have to be very careful not to take his rules and twist them into something that is convenient for me without checking on its validity. Lesson learned, right? Don't be surprised if you make this mistake again at a later date. Old habits are really tough to break.


  2. I really appreciate (and you do too I suppose) that he actually laid down the rule, attached the consequences and saved any correction for a future violation. Tyler is getting the hang of "ttwd" with integrity.

    You guys will be a good example to some young couple coming up in the future.

    I appreciate your guy.

  3. Sugar Lol yes lesson learned this time. i know there will be other times.

    Yes Bman he is getting a hang of it. Yes I hope we can help others..

    You guys have helped us alot!! yes i did read your post to him alot but i'm not anymore lol

  4. Yipes! Mine doesn't need to read anything more either...that's for sure. Glad you got the new rule without the ouch factor. Don't test it. I tend to test new rules and it never goes well for me. Dang.

  5. Yeah i wont be testing this any time soon lol