Saturday, October 12, 2013

Update on us

I just wanted to let everyone know Tyler and I are doing ok.

Thank you for your replies and concerns.  We are going through some kind of growth spurt lol . It for a lack of better words.  Also I want to clear up when I said Tyler was shutting me out I just meant at that moment. Yes I was worried it would be longer because he said "When you learn to be totally submissive you can come back to my bed." I knew that would be a LONG time.

Anyway it was just that night. From time to time he will use the punishment of making me sleep on the couch because he knows how much that gets to me. I have to be touching him to sleep.  Well he fell asleep and I came up to bed. I really hated to get into bed without asking him. However our son and his friends were all down stairs and when I sleep on couch our daughter gets upset because she thinks were going to divorce like everyone else. (Her words)

Anyway he didn't say anything about it and we talked that day. I have some learning to do and we have gone back wards in some ways but in some ways we are moving forward.  I really think this hurdle is good for us. We have been doing ttwd for 3yrs however we took about a 1 1/2 yrs off. We did it off and on and neither of us really tried. I was going through alot of grief and he was laid off we just weren't in a good place.  Now were in a good place. We are both very serious about our rolls well him more than me at times I think. So now we have to work through working through ya know?

So that's that. We are doing good and working through. I may have over reacted when I posted and it wasn't meant to be a bash on him at all but I needed to get some feelings out and I was hurt.  I'm doing ok now just have a busy weekend.

Hugs and thanks again.


  1. Hi Daisy, sometimes it's 1 step forward and 2 steps back isn't it? I'm so glad this issue is behind you and that you are communicating and working through things.

    Happy too that you have grown from this experience. The hardest moments often result in the most growth.


  2. Yes it can be alot of steps back to a few forward. read your post glad you are getting back into things

  3. Glad you guys are in a better place and that you are still progressing and growing. :)

  4. Thank you so much for updating us, Daisy! The hurdles are usually the things that wind up propelling us forward the most.

  5. Happy to hear you cleared the hurdles.

  6. Glad to hear an update from you and a positive one, sometimes things seem more bad than they really are, its not always easy but its all a learning curve...and thats a positive thing.


  7. Good that things are looking better!