Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Woe is me

I thought I would just check in. There really hasn't been any thing big going on. I have a couple post I want to post but cant seem to get them to come out right. Tyler has been leaving the tv off so I can go to sleep. I've been going to bed by 9:30 only to be woken up 3x before 11 by kids, dogs and Tyler. 

The other night when I got woken up I was beside myself irritated and I did get a spanking but nothing major just enough to annoy me. I was waiting for Tyler to turn the tv off and I was going to get up and stomp out of the room into my daughters bed who was staying at my moms.

Tomorrow school starts so hopefully I can get the kids into bed early tonight and all will be well in our household. Hopefully Tyler will get back to work soon so he will go to sleep as well but I doubt before midnight.

I'm sorry I need to be asleep before 10pm to function throughout the day. It has felt better even though I keep waking up. I don't know why every little thing is waking me up. I am normally a sound sleeper. Tyler tells me the world doesn't stop because I go to sleep!!! Cripe its 11pm it most normal houses the world does stop then!!

Whatever I have resided that If I want to sleep I will have to get a hotel room. That's just that!!!

I also later informed Lee that I really shouldn't be held responsible for whatever I do when woken up like that!! I also asked if I could plead insanity OO never mind lol!!

Anyway I just wanted to say I'm here just snazzy as ever.

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