Saturday, August 10, 2013

Its so annoying I have 5 drafts in my blog that I been writing on. I have so much in my head I want to say.

But in my brain it seems clear or maybe more like shouting I don't know but then when I try and put it down on paper it doesn't come out of my finger tips because my brain cant process it to go to my finger tips.

I been on blogger since 2011.. I didn't post or reply much till the last couple months. I did become friends with some that used to blog. I was cleaning up my blog roll the other day. I found that some did say goodbyes, same just left with no warning and some got divorced.

The saying goodbye doesn't bother me or the leaving with no warning doesn't bother me because hey life gets busy and I'm just going to assume they are fine. What bothers me the most is the ones that got divorced. Its soo sad. I think part of the sad part is for say a year they posted and everything seemed peachy and then 3 months later they posted and said were divorced!!


It leaves me there with my mouth wide open and stunned.. Its like hearing about that couple that seemed soo happy and tried for years to have kids then they finally did then they got divorced 2yrs later. Its a kick in the stomach.  Then there are the ones that your like "O they just got divorced? I figured they would have divorced like 5yrs ago." Lol

There has been a lot of talk around blog land about being real and I think more of us have come out in our blogs and have been more real.

I think its important for us to be real especially for the newbies in TTWD because If all we ever post about is the good stuff and they are struggling well then it can be discouraging.

Now of course if you and your S/O never struggle and your so madly in love that he or she never drives you insane or things are always peachy then I could see why you wouldn't post anything but good stuff.  If this is you well then you should let us all know your secret.

Real is real. I don't know very many couples that have been married for especially 10yrs or so and haven't argued. Good grief we have had some doozies. They are better now since we started TTWD. I still have to tell you Tyler has a temper and just last night a box of checks were knocked off the banister on the top of the stairs and landed at the bottom of them. Noone was down there and he wasn't throwing them at anyone he just was annoyed and mad and I think maybe his arm accidently knocked them off.. Ok yeah we will go with that. lol

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