Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Spanking Good Weekend


On my way home Friday I text Tyler

" If we get alone time this weekend I could use some attention on my back side. I feel my attitude veering off."

His reply "I'm pretty sure we can arrange that."

"Thank you Sir"

I smiled and went on about my evening.

Well I wasn't sure if he would follow through with it. I thought he might. It seems when I'm doing my best things fall in order.

Friday night we hung out with neighbors. I know he did that just for me because well we are both home bodies and him especially.

when we went inside I was up getting ready for bed. The boys were at friends and our daughter was out playing. I had just realized we were alone and I started rethinking.

 "Asking him for a spanking wasn't such a bright idea" lol!!  I know we want one thing and when it comes down to it really we don't lol.


Tyler didn't give me much time to think. He walked in the room grabbed me and bent me over the bed.. Our daughter had the back scratcher out earlier that day so he grabbed it and went to town. (Thanks daughter).

He always lectures during a spanking. He brought things up that I didn't think about.  It was exactly what I needed

All weekend he threatened to spank me.  One time I couldn't keep from laughing, It was late Tyler was laying in bed and I was helping our son look for something. (Ok Tyler is the finder in our house not me. I know I'm a woman and should be but I truly suck at it.)  Anyway Tyler told me where it was because he just used it. I couldn't see it.  In my defense it was hiding.

I asked Tyler to go get it. he said "If I go down and find it where I told you it  was I'm beating your ass with the paddle."

I was trying not to laugh because that's silly to spank me cus I cant find something. lol of course I didn't tell him that. I did love the dominance of the whole situation..

Yes he found it where he said it was but me being short it was hidden and I couldn't see it honestly.  he did come up and gave me a couple swats with the backscratcher when he got back in bed.

Not exactly Rated R maybe more like PG 18 lol

 Tyler has told me several times it would be nice if I just came up and gave him a BJ and took care of him no sex. On Saturday the kids were at my parents.  Well I was cleaning and I wanted to go in there and give him a BJ  but for some reason I felt shy . I'm really not a BJ fan and he gets one every time we have sex. Anyway I finally went over and knelt down to him and asked him if he wanted one.

"Not now the kids will be home soon." He was chuckling (I know he knows its hard for me.)

"I called my mom the kids haven't left yet" I smiled  "Don't I always cross my T's and Dot my I's" I smiled at him

He chuckled "Yes you do, and since you did so much preparing go for it."

We ended up having sex but I had no intentions of it. Just so were all clear I didn't start sex. He's the one who picked me up and threw me on the chair!! lol. (It seems so unnatural and exciting to have sex anywhere in the house)

I was proud of myself for doing that for him because I know he was happy. All in all we had the best weekend we have had for a while!!



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Sunny We really needed it. Its been a rough few months just for us in general finances life etc

  2. Hi Daisy,

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I'm happy for you :) Good on you for letting him know you needed the spanking. Glad to hear it sounds as though you having fun with it too. Good on you too for ... um ... you know :)


    1. Thank you Roz. Yes It is sometimes hard to let him know but text is soo easy lol.. Yes going that extra mile was hard for me ya know the ...ummm..you know. lol

  3. Nice job on listening to him and taking the initiative to give a bj with no expectations to be taken care of in return. I've learned that if I go on the mind set that it's about him and I won't be getting any in return, he always gives me something in return may it be physical or emotional.

    1. Yeah I don't mind doing it just for him and not getting anything. I'm just kind of shy even after 18 yrs. Weird I know. But for so many years we weren't connected and I had issues even being naked in front of him. Lol I don't anymore :)

  4. Awesome weekend. Thank you for sharing.


  5. Hi I love those underwear. I'm going to look on amazon for a pair. Lectures during a spanking sound so hot - I need to talk to my bf about that. :)

    1. I'm lucky he's always lectured...I've seen panties that say Spank Me at novelty adult shops

  6. Way to go. I'm glad you stopped cleaning to give him some attention. And then you got some too!!!

  7. Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

    Love to be lectured when I'm being spanked.


    1. Thank you Ronnie..I guess I am Lucky he lectures me always during a spanking

  8. A great weekend, i used to find it difficult to ask for what i needed now there is no stopping me...dont always mean i get what i want though lol