Monday, May 9, 2011

Reading other blogs

Sorry I'm being a blog hog. I go forever and dont blog and now I blog twice in one day..

I like to read blogs i dont always reply because my phone has issues. But when I read blogs it makes me see that I'm not the only one who has these thoughts. I was reading a blog the other day and the writer wrote that she wished her husband would come in and tell her to get over his knee now she was getting a spanking.  Wow I wish that too.  SOmetimes I wish my hubby spanked me more when I was needed it instead of letting things go. Inconsistancy KILLSS MEE!!!  I try really hard to not worry about if or when he's going to spank. I try not to get upset when he doesnt.

The funny thing is when I think a spanking is coming i really want to talk him out of it and dont want it.  THen when i dont get this same spanking I just wanted to talk him out of  its annoying.. WOW that sounds just as crazy written down lol..  I know its only been 7 months. but grrrr.. You know if he was very consistant and spanking me every time I turned around I'm sure I'd be complaining about that lol.. 

WOMAN!!! We are NEVER happy  rofl


  1. are never happy! I love giving you grief. You'll be sorry we ever became friends.

    Honestly, Dutch hasn't felt much need to spank me lately other than maintenance and those have been light. I'm kind of concerned....will I lose the feeling of his dominence? I mean, we were just getting into it.

  2. NAHHH I wont be sorry.. You might be I'm gonna start sending you implements if you dont behave lol..

    Well I know when we kept up with maitenance even though it was few swats and sometimes just fun I still felt his dominance. So just keep up with Maintenance I think you will be fine.

  3. It will be fine guys, both of you! =P Sometimes DD just has it's off days. It takes a minute for it to become second nature, and then once it does.. it is just something that occurs naturally, and less often. If you feel that you need a spanking and aren't getting one, your best bet is to just tell him so! If he enjoys spanking you then the chances are he'll be totally accommodating.

    But it's hard.. I know. When you start to get down or feel neglected.. just remember the last time it happened and how quickly you guys got through it!

    Hope this helps a little. <3

  4. This topic has been on my mind too. I think I am too good at talking my way out of trouble. And he won't spank when I am already hurting or over tired.

    I want to scream,"get on with it" and in the next breath "no please no"

  5. This is she: Yeah i know its hard for him he doesnt want to be over bearing. He doesnt like it when i tell him i need a spanking. He feels that if i say that he's not doing his job. Its getting easier to let go.

    LM: I know when I know hes gonna spank I know i could probably talk my way out of it. I think o maybe i will try and see. If i do talk him out of it I will be upset that he let me so i never try.. I think you should quit talking him out of it

  6. I for one would not complain if mine slacked off a I do agree though that as women it's hard to tell them what we want when we rarely truly know ourselves. Poor guys. Gotta feel sorry for them a little, huh?

  7. I can't figure out if I want/need a spanking when I really haven't done anything wrong, like for maintenance. I feel bad when I mess up but sometimes wish that he could maybe at least give me a light spanking, especially in the morning, to help keep me focused and on track. We are so new to this that we are still figuring out what will work. There just isn't enough privacy. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Ik I feel the same as you...its gotten better but I could use preemptive