Monday, May 9, 2011

They are Vanilla Or Are they?

"O I'm in soo much trouble when I get home. Did you see the look my husband gave me?"

This is what my sons coaches wife said to me Saturday.

I've never shared my lifestyle with her nor have I EVER shown her any signs that I might or could be in dd. We were setting at the game Saturday and she was being annoying to her husband and 3x she said this to me.. I quickly texted a dd friend.. IS she vanilla or not??   If she said it one more time I was gonna make a joke about her getting spanked to see the look on her face.. 

I shared this on another dd board and someone suggested maybe she was trying to feel me out?  Maybe but Idk Y this is the first time I have spent more than 5 min with her since i have been in dd so Ik i have given her NO indications..   Someone suggested maybe its wishful thinking that he would do something about her behaviour.  They said if she was in a dd relationship she wouldnt blurt things out like that because she would be embarressed.. But who knows shes very outspoken. 

Dont worry i will be feeling her out. Its a long summer and bleachers are not good on a sore bum so I can tell and i will play close attention..

So does anyone have any thoughts. DO you think they are DD? Hmmm


  1. I've often wondered about couples I know. I have no idea how you would bring something like this up. Would you do it like a joke? I'd love to hear how your story with her comes out....

    K's Sweetie

  2. it certainly sounds like they could be ... or at the very least that she wishes they were!

  3. I think there's a real good chance she is. I don't know vanillas who talk like that.

  4. K--- I hope she says it again and I will make a joke about being spanked. I also thought about throwing in some things there like "Is your husband hoh?" I dont know. I have 2 months to be detective.. Tyler says he could see them being dd. THey are a fun couple so I kind of hope they are lol..

    Heather--- I'm kind of thinking its a wish. I think she has probably read something though.

    Cedeno--- I know I never said those things when I was Vanilla. My repsonse would have probably been. "Ha I think Tyler is mad at me, OO Well" Lol Bad I know.

  5. Oh man.. Idk! I have a friend like that who referred to her husband being angry with her as her 'getting in trouble'. I told them about DD and they quickly got into it. Maybe if you find that they aren't already doing it, you could somehow subtly suggest it to her? You'd be surprised at how many people are totally open to the idea.

  6. Sometimes people just know. I have had people I don't walk up to me and ask if I home school. I "look" like one so I must be one right? You never know. I would make a comment to feel her out a little.
    "you better watch it, he is going to get our backside if you don't watch out."

  7. This is She: Lol i told Tyler about the couple you new. He chuckled. I'm really leaning towards they are either in DD or this is something she secretly once.. Dont worry i will get to the bottom of it (Literally lol) and i will keep you posted.

    LM: I dont know how she would know? I mean Tyler assistant coaches so he is in total coach mode we really dont talk.. hmmm I dont know.. I'm gonna figure something out.

  8. It could go either way. I think there are regional differences with this stuff. It can really depend on where you are from. Rob is from NYC, and we lived there for a while, people talk like that all the time without much thougt or substance to it. They could even be spanko's without a DD component to it. While we do have a DD component to us we stay away from the HOH notion. He doesn't even like the term.