Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Help me; Help you

Its ok I wont resent you if you discipline me for something you dont do. We can work on it together. Thats what this lifestyle is all about!!! Right?  Well you might say wrong but i say Right!!!

Things have been weighing heavy on me.. I have sooo many horrible habits and unfortunately Tyler has some of the same bad habits.  In the beginning Tyler decided that he wouldnt discipline me for things he had issues with too. Well we also thought maintenance wasn't needed and maybe a mans way of throwing around his leadership... Well we were wrong lol we need it!! I need it.  If theres one thing I've learned while venturing into this lifestyle is like anything else. Were all different. All women have different needs and men have different wants or expectations have ya.

So after talking to a friend who was struggling with the same thing a light bulb went off.. Why cant he spank me for the issues i want help with? Didnt we start this lifestyle to help us both grow in our marriage and lives??  So if he's disciplining me for these things then I would think it would make him work harder at it?  maybe?? yeah i think most likely so.. Well i journaled about it and I'm just waiting to see what he says. 

Knowing Tyler if he started disciplining me for these things it would make him become more disciplined and wanting to improve on these issues too.. neither of us need to be smoking especially Tyler who is having issues right now. I dont need to be either. So if him helping me quit makes him quit I'm all for it. I wanna do for him that he does for me. Since all i really can do is ask him to quit well maybe firing up my bottom will help him quit!!! lol

He is doing so well at standing strong and working hard at his roll of HOH.. My backside things so as I'm sitting on the couch and still feel the sting from the blind rod last night.  It was maintenance night and i asked for help with my teeth grinding because it is a major issue. Grinding my teeth is causing health problems. Headache, Neck hurts!! anyway unfortunately i sit with a sore bottom and i'm grinding my teeth!!!! ugh I guess I am going to have to ask for a reaffirming of this tonight!!! OOO asking for a spanking is like talking in front of millions of people if you have to do it you can it just truly SUCKS!!!

I really do think Help me Help you will work ok for us. I understand some women would have resentment if their hoh made them do something that they didnt do themselves but for me its what i want.

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