Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hey dont forget me!!

Lol Ok I'm back. I will post more soon and explain a lot of things but for right now I want to just post this lol.. I  promise I will post a nice long update tomorrow that you wont want to finish reading lol..

I want to say I been lurking for the last few months and now everyone is going private and I don't know e-mail address and I don't know if my e-mail address is or gmail .com

I am going to assume its anyway if stormy and angel brat could add me that would be fantastic and anyone else that's going private.. if you guys have their e-mail could you let them know i'm out here knocking to get in lol!!!

if you want to e-mail me though use I don't know it all confuses me because I converted my yahoo e-mail to my gmail and well i'm not all that computer literate lol well i'm more internet illiterate than computer illiterate.. anyway that's my story and please answer the door lol I miss reading about you guys..

I'm sorry that this is all going on.. This situation is partly why I came out of lurking.. I couldn't decide if I wanted to come out or not and then I decided to come out with my fighting gloves on lol!!

hugs and loves to you all!!


  1. Okay, I am confused now but that really isn't hard to do. Nice to see you back in blogland. Welcome back.

  2. Well I don't have all the details so I don't want to try ans explain..some bloggers have gone private for a while and when they r private u have to be invited by anyway that was what my post was about

  3. If you have some bloggers who have gone private, but have commented before on a post of yours, sometimes you can click on their name in your comments section and under their profile am email is listed :) I've found a few that way today.

    Glad to see you back in blogland by the way!